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Presbytery of Ottawa
Rev. R. Gamble, B.A, Clerk
Britannia Heights, Ontario

Box 03-129 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Rev. R. Gamble
Dec 23 1914
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 41 Jackson St. West, Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Rev. McQuesten,

I am enclosing herewith the Call from Buckingham in your favour, which was sustained by Presbytery yesterday. Mr. Woodside having intimated your intention to accept the Call--arrangements were made for your induction to take place at Buckingham on Tuesday Evg. 29th Dec. inst., at 7.30' O'Clock. Trusting this may reach you as to give you ample time to be on hand at time and place specified, and looking forward to the pleasure of welcoming you as a Co-Presbyter. Believe me.

Sincerely yours


Presby. Clk.

P.S. It might be well for you to have your Presbyterian Certificate from Presbytery to which you now belong, as it will likely be asked at induction. R.G.

[Box 3-130] Guarantee of Stipend

We the congregation of the St. Andrew's Church, Buckingham, Quebec, hereby represent to the Presbytery of Ottawa, of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, that the estimated annual revenue of the said Congregation for the maintenance of religious ordinances among themselves is $1660.00 and we hereby agree to pay out of the said revenue, as it shall be collected, and as the first charge thereon, the sum of $1200.00 in monthly payments to the Rev. Calvin McQuesten so long as he is minister of the said Congregation, with use of manse and glebe or rented house and two weeks holidays each year; and further, we engage to use our utmost diligence to the end that he said Rev. Calvin McQuesten may regularly receive the stipend herein named.

Buckingham, Quebec

James. H. Woodside, Chairman
A. O. Anderson, Secretary of the meeting
December 7th, 1914

We office-bearers and members of the congregation of St. Andrew's Church, Buckingham, Quebec being communicants, desirous of promoting the glory of God and the good of His Church, being destitute of a fixed pastor, and being satisfied by our experience of the piety, literature, ministerial abilities and prudence, and also of the suitableness to our edification of the gifts of you, Rev. Calvin McQuesten, B.A., have agreed to invite, as we by these presents do invite and call you to undertake the office of pastor among us, promising you on your acceptance of this our Call, all due respect, encouragement, and obedience in the Lord, and further engage to contribute to your suitable maintenance, as God may prosper us. In witness whereof we have subscribed this Call on this the eighth day of December in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fourteen.

1. W. McAllum
2. C.E. [?Devereuf]
3. Frank B. Laing
4. G. [?]
5. Geo. Patterson
6. Hugh McCallum
7. J.L. Higginson
8. Elizabeth Higginson
9. A.H. Parker
10. E[?] Parker
11. Mollie Parker
12. Annie. F. Maclaren
13. Agnes. P. Higginson
14. Hettie M. Rothwell
15. Katherine Graham
16. Harold Graham
17. Winifred Maclaren
18. Douglas. E . Bothwell
19. Mrs. G. Bothwell
20. Marjorie Bothwell
21. W. Bothwell
22. George McMillan
23. Mrs. McMillan
24. M. MacNaughton
25. Mrs. Jarius Brown
26. Alexander Maclaren
27. J.A. Bryant
28. J. McBain
29. Mrs. J. McBain
30. Robert Crawford
31. Florence. B. Maclaren
32. A.O.Anderson

That in pursuance of appointment of the Presbytery of Ottawa this Call has this day been moderated in and that communicants to the number of thirty-two have by themselves or by me at their request, subscribed the name, is attested by me.

1. William Mason
2. Simon McCullough
3. A.M Laurier V.S.
4. Eva Laurier
5. Mrs. D. Porteous
6. Laura Porteous
7. Mrs. Mary Stuart
8. John Wiseman
9. J. D. Sicard
10. E. J. Graham
11. Isabel MacCallum
12. Mrs. D. Wiseman
13. Dan Wiseman
14. Jane Mary Lenaghan
15. Laura Bryant
16. Annie Deverny
17. Mrs. John Deverney
18. John Deverny
19. Elizabeth Anderson
20. Jean Anderson
21. A.Gordon Anderson
22. Mrs. B. Barkley
23. Eva Lough
24. Mrs. W. J. McCullough
25. Margaret Laing
26. Mr. ? Miller
27. Esther McCullough
28. Ruby. E. Smith
29. Asa. A. Smith
30. Mrs. Asa. A. Smith
31. Pearl Smith
32. A.G. Welsford
33. G.L. Parker
34. Beatrice. M. Hughes
35. Mrs. A. Hughes
36. J. Moren[?]
37. Marjorie McDermid
38. Jessie McDermid
39. May. A. McDermid

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