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Box 03-153 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from R.J. Wilson
May 4 1923
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten, 41 Jackson St. West, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 86 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario

The Presbyterian Church-Union Movement Committee
R.J. Wilson, D.D., Secretary
J. Lewis Milligan, Esq. Publicity Agent

Rev. Calvin McQuesten
41 Jackson St. West
Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

Thank you for your kind letter of May 1st. which I find on my desk this morning after my absence from the city. My secretary sent copies of our literature to you, which I shall be very glad indeed if you can distribute in McNab Street Church. It has been difficult for us to get anyone in Hamilton to distribute our literature, and we have had to rely on requests that have been made. You will use your own judgement as to what to put into the pews. I think that the little pamphlet on "How Far has the Church Gone Towards Union" and the Catechism should perhaps be two of the first. They are both concise and based on actual facts.

We have called Dr. Edmison's office and by this mail he is sending you 300 copies of Co-operation and Union and 100 copies of the Basis of Union.

I am delighted with your frank letter in the Hamilton Press.1 Such letters are bound to do good, and I am fully persuaded that after the matter is issued there will be comparatively few congregations in the whole of Canada who will stay out of this Union. A good deal of opposition, I find, is based on either ignorance of the proposed Union or a natural prejudice, which I am quite sure will be overcome in a very short time after the matter is clearly issued.

Our Committee is a voluntary Committee and we do not sell any literature. We have been distributing it entirely free of charge and we have been financed so far simply by voluntary gifts which have come to us from people who believe that Union is not only inevitable, but eminently desirable. We have made no appeal for funds, nor do I think we shall require to do so, but we are very happy to have contributions sent to us from the various centres where they are using our literature.

Perhaps you could do a little missionary work by sending us the name of key men in some of the other congregations. I think if we had someone in St. Paul's and Knox churches who would handle our leaflets, perhaps if we had someone in St. Catharines and at other points it might be good work. I shall be grateful for any suggestions that you can make. With kindest regards and all good wishes, I am

Yours in a good cause

R.J. Wilson

[List of executive of union committee on side of page, names only listed here, location and title not listed:]

J.H. Turnbull, D.D.; S.D. Martin, M.A.; John F. MacKay, Esq.; Sir James Woods; Wm. M. Birks, Esq.; C.D. Gordon, Esq.; D.C. MacGregor, D.D.; R.W. Ross, D.D.; Geo. Hanson, D.D.; Principal A. Gandier, D.D.; Geo. C. Pidgeon, D.D.; R.B. Cochrane, M.A.; E. Leslie Pidgeon, D.D.; Murdock MacKinnon, D.D.; A.C. Bryan, B.D.; Principal W.H. Smith, D.D.; R.J. Wilson; J. Lewis Milligan, Esq.

1 Rev. Calvin McQuesten favoured "Church Union" while the rest of the McQuesten family and many Presbyterians in Hamilton, opposed it. They engaged in heated public debates on the issue. See W0127a and others.

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