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Box 04-015 NAVAL HISTORY of Mary Baker McQuesten's maternal uncle William McIlwaine
Jan 4 1811 [Unknown Date]

McILWAINE (Commander 1838)

William McIlwaine entered the Navy 4th Jan. 1811 and being made Lieut. 20th Aug 1824 into the Liffey 50, Capts. Chas. Grant and Thos. Coe, was employed in that ship during the Burmese War. His succeeding appointments were 11th May 1827 to the Wellesley 74, stationed off Lisbon, 6th July 1832 to the Coast Guard, 17th May 1833 to the Caledonia 120 flagship of Sir Josias Rowley in the Mediterranean, and 1st Nov. 1834 and 6th Dec.1836 to the Command of the Portsmouth Yacht and Volcano steamer, in which vessels he continuously served (in the former as Flag Lieutenant to the Admiral Superintendent at Portsmouth Sir F. L. Maitland and in the Cutter on the Mediterranean Station) until advanced to his present rank 28th June 1838. He was employed as an Inspecting Commander in the Coast Guard from July 4th 1839 until July 1844; and since the 13th Feb.1845 has only been in that service.

Commander McIlwaine married 14th April 1842, Cecilia, youngest daughter of the late Charles Lambert Esq., of Fitzroy Square.

Note: Sir F. L. Maitland had command of the Bellerophon during the late war and took Napoleon to St. Helena.1 He was also in the Wellesley during the peace. He died 1839.

1 In the historical painting by Orchardson of Napoleon on the Bellerophon, the young midshipman leaning over the railing is reported to be William McIlwaine (See "William McIlwaine" E2-2). "Napoleon on the Bellerophon." January 3, 2004. "Napoleon surrenders to the Captain of the Bellerophon, 13 July 1815."

Another item in the archive is a Remembrance of John and Eliza McIlwaine.

In Loving Remembrance
December 30th, 1886. Aged 84 years
December 2nd, 1886, Aged 75 years.

"They were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided"--II Samuel 1,23.

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