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Mar 21 1935


[The following is transcribed from Rev. Calvin's quick notes that he used as an outline for his speech; although it is rough, it gives some idea of the content of his talk.]

Felt rather like boy & grand mother's funeral, ball game. But off sleep for a couple of months and able to go snowshoeing. Arrived after ice storm. But next day snow. Arrived on Saturday afternoon, had tea with friends and arranged to go to High Mass in Basilica, Sunday morning. A magnificent church & fine singing, coming out met Senator L'Esperanse of [?].

Sleigh-Dog-races came very first week--describe.

But enjoyed snow-shoeing & skiing even more than dog-races, i.e., my two girl-friends took skis & I snow shoes. These were 2 girls-friends I enjoyed my summer holiday. J. B. had met before. Her family, house, furniture, China.

"Camille de Guise," meaning of "de" thought at first she was purely a lady of leisure, until told me Pres. Of Social Welfare.

Plains of Abraham now a delightful park so close at hand. In evening 3 of us. In forenoon Camille & I. Children sliding down hill. On a moonlight night. I used to go back & forth on shoes. For all day skiing expeditions, Joe Beaufort. At bus terminal found for 2 or 3 autobuses waiting skis piled high on top.

Because principal families have lived there for hundreds of years everybody seems to know everybody else. Hill. Camille, Gerrard Valleygrand.

Most of country roads impassible for autos, but this kept open, the drifts higher than bus.

On arrival, sorting skies, stick them in ground. It was a beautiful spot, little lake among evergreen hills with the [?] [?] [?]. Gay costumes.

X Sleigh riding in country.

In evening French photo plays, Maria L'Lapiere, L'Homme d'Or [?] [?].

Hotel St. Louis.

Almost next door, Had Hector Lafertie.

Took me to Garrison Club to meet reunion Tremain Taschereau.

Garrison Club is just inside St. Louis Gate. Never saw so many kinds of animals near Taschereau's family. Montreal-Dansereau's, Pierre, Marie Berthiaume. Club, Paul & Lucille, Arthur.

Next day--Continue Oxford movement

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