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Sermon delivered at:
Oneida : October 1922
Dundas : December 1922
Waterdown : January 1923
Jarvis : February 1923
San Radio : March 1923

Mar 23 1923

Read Acts 1:1-14, 2:1-21,32-47 John 3:8
From how wide and yet how familiar a field did J. [Judas?] choose ill?

If we were asked to describe in a single sentence the impression that these 2 chapters will teach us we might say with truth that the atmosphere is electric and that suggests a line of thought that Dr. Jowett has developed very illuminatingly, e.g., the similarity between the action of the H. [Holy] Spirit and the action of electricity. 3 chief effects of both are:- (1) Light (2) Power (3) Heat

(I). Light--(1) John 16: 13,14; (2) Pentecost; (3) Us
(II). Power--(1) Effect on Peter & so on us; (2) against sin Rom. 8, & Walk in Spirit and not fulfill lusts.
(III). Heat--Rom.12:11 fervent in Spirit, enthusiasm.

But what essential difference between H. Spirt & electricity?

(1) E. [Electricity] is physical, H. Sp. [Holy Spirit] mental & Spiritual.
(2) Influence of H. Sp. is not that of a thing but of a person. If Influence of a human being in light, power, heat.

What is significance of Pentecost? Was there no H. Sp. before Pent.? Yes, but experience limited to a few. Since then His influence is for all. Acts 2: 3,4, cf. 1: 15, 2:17, 18, 39.

How are we to receive benefits of H. Sp.?

(1) He came to a praying body of believers, not to isolated individual.
(2) When others sought a share, see 2:38
(3) Power increased as it was given free course 2:41f. unbroken circumscribed, we are wires between God & others!
(4) Readiness of God to give. "If ye being---- to them that ask Him.

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