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Box 04-070 TO EDNA MCQUESTEN (TEDDY) from her sister Hilda [Tousie] McQuesten
May 5 1910
To: Edna McQuesten 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario
From: Gravenhurst, Ontario

My darling Teddy,

By the time you get this your little mother will have arrived home in all probability an utter wreck after all her meetings. However I hope she kept the people in Toronto in their places and did not let them have their way too much!

We have had lovely weather since Tuesday and Ruby is most comfortable outside, the evenings are so calm. This morning there was ice on the door step and it was decidedly cool but the sun soon warmed things up. Ruby is much better to night the 'jim jams' have departed and she is looking forward to good course meals to-morrow. To-day she had a large bowl of arrowroot gruel at 7:45 a.m., another bowl at 10:15 a..m., a bowl of onion soup made with milk, 1 p.m., whites of 2 eggs at 3 p.m., a large bowl of strong beef tea with three pieces of toast at 6 p.m., and at 9 p.m., she will get 2 whites of eggs again. Not so bad for a person just recovering, eh!!

She is a pretty tough character though does not like being washed. As soon as she arrived over here she decided that she would breakfast when she first woke, then have a snooze and then be washed 'slightly' if she could not escape. However I see that she performs her ablution properly!!

Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Powis and Mr. Hargraph came over and this afternoon Mrs. Fournier with some mail, a Miss Miller & a Miss Paterson, they all declare that R. looks better already. Ruby got 30 cards & letters combined for her birthday as well as a handkerchief and some daffodils from an old pupil. She is very popular eh Mickie doo [Edna]?

I feel very guilty up here having such a lazy time. Carrie is so afraid of my losing weight that she saves me the trip into town quite often.

The milk here is very good lovely cream on it. The man is very careful, he brings the milk in jars but empties them into the pail so that there is no chance of the bottles not being clean.

Little Clarence Miller has the measles not very bad though, he is a cute little chap. Bob-tail puts up her parasol every afternoon, purely for effect; I tell her she is a vain little monkey. Tell mother there is no hurry for the green material for curtains as we won't need them for a time. Marion Robinson has the mumps, not very severely though. I am sure Laura was most terribly touched by that sample of your industry, I fear it will be the last in that style, that you will ever accomplish. Ruby will be delighted to have you keep her company in idleness, perhaps the two of you may turn into poets.

Thank Mrs. Mullin for the book she sent R., she enjoyed reading it very much. Mary could also thank Winnie G. for the candy she sent R. R. will enjoy it for some time to come if Carrie does not finish it. Well, my dear it is getting late, and I must get R. her eggs and hot water bag. With heaps of love to all.

Your fat sister

Touse [Hilda]

[P.S.] Give my love to Mattie and the various friends you see. Carrie says to have warm clothes to wear up here and you can go to sleep listening to the loud singing of the frogs.

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