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Box 04-077 TO MRS. MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Hilda B. McQuesten
Apr 29 1910 Saturday Night
To: Mrs. Mary Baker McQuesten 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario
From: The Minnawaska Sanatorium Gravenhurst, Ontario

My darling Mother,

We have just finished two rather strenuous days but are feeling some what settled. We have brought over a number of Ruby's things preparatory to her departure Monday day.1 Well to go back to the beginning.

Laura met me at station and Carrie arrived at the last minute much to my relief. We had a nice little trip and Mary's lunch was very good. Mrs. Minis was very kind and gave us a good tea and breakfast but would not take any money. So Friday morning we came over to the cottage got the fires started for it was very cold and shortly after the baggage arrived. The house was nice and clean and as Mr. Graham assured us as to the fumigating, I felt it was perfectly unnecessary to do it over again. However as to-day was lovely, bright and sunny, we took all mattresses out gave them a good going over with carbolic acid & left them out till six o'clock.

The house is really nice & comfortable and I fancy we can arrange ourselves alright comfortably.

When Carrie and I went over to see Ruby last night there were Mr. & Mrs. Chipman sitting on the bed at the foot. Miss Tina (Tina) in a chair the newly married couple had just been confessing to Ruby that they had been married the day before by Mr. Banks as Mr. McKeracher had the measles. Ruby will hear why they hurried the affair on and will let you know later. The bride looked rather uncomfortable however we think it is a good thing. This afternoon we met the bus returning from Dr. Parfit, with the wedding party, the bride & groom looking very happy on the front seat loaned to us. The guests were behind. Mrs. Parfit had kindly given them a wedding breakfast! There was a wedding cake at the Minnawaska, so Ruby was given a piece, a two story one. R did not know where it had come from.

The coal will come in to-day it was $7.25 it seems a lot. Mr.S. was not quite sure of the wood. I had to get a number of things from the hardware, kettle, pail (milk) frying pan etc. etc. which came to a little over $3.00 (paid for).

Am going to try and find out about a wash woman next week and see if we can get it done out for I don't want to get tubs & wringer they are so dear. The stove is small & it would be very awkward. At Homer's the grocer & departmental store I got a white bedroom set for $1.50 which I thought reasonable. Ruby would need it, there is no article belonging to the set here, so if when the family come up they could bring one it would be very useful. The granite ones here are very dear. The things Calvin saw in the stable are all leaky. The dairy butter here is 32 cts a lb., very good. Mrs. Minis is going to try and get butter from her women for us but I did not think it very extra, however it was cheaper & would do as for cooking any way. Bruce M.'s eggs and lovely 25 cts a doz. He had not saved any but I am going to try and get all I can from him.

About the curtains for verandah I thought dark green glace lining would do quite well. It would take about 8 yds of 27 in. material. Denim is rather dear [and] not necessary. Can pay milk man by month also the grocer. Mrs. Fournier said her bill could go till June 1st unless she sould have to pay down some money for a cesspool she is having made. However she will let us know in that case. I think I have mentioned every thing. Don't do too much at those meetings. Save yourself as much as possible. With heaps of love.

Your loving daughter

H.B. McQuesten

1 This letter indicates that Ruby is being moved into a house or cottage and they are busy furnishing it. It is likely close to the sanatorium for Ruby to receive treatment. Hilda is staying with her and making all the arrangements for furniture, coal, curtains, etc.

See W6135, for the development & progression of Ruby's illness, diagnosed as Consumption (Tuberculosis).

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