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Box 04-096 TO MARY BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from her mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 17 1924
To: Mary Baldwin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' 41 Jackson Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

My dear Mary,

We reached here on Friday Evening from London, going on our way to Cambridge and Ely, only a Cathedral at Ely but very beautiful. The colleges at Cambridge are extremely handsome and we went through the three principal ones, King's, Trinity and St. John's. Very interesting and beautiful Chapels and Dining Rooms with statuary and paintings of distinguished graduates. Had our lunch at Cambridge and tea at Ely. I am being constantly supported with cups of tea. But I was glad to sink to rest here. Such a lovely room, very quaint, small paired window with a fig tree close up, we see these many places and the green figs. Yesterday rested all morning and took a short drive round the town to see Castle &c. The Cathedral is enormous, but not interesting.

I wrote Calvin but am afraid it will not reach him at Muskoka. H.[Hilda] heard from Mattie D. She refers to "news about Mrs. C. Robertson" but does not say what, she must have got married, perhaps Mrs. McM. told you and you have forgotten to mention it in your letter.--it would be a good idea, I think, she always seemed to be changing homes and had no one to live with.

I just rested myself this morning. At Ilfracombe went to Church and could scarcely sit it out. The seats wherever I have gone are so Straight-backed and narrow. To-morrow we go on again, expect to reach York by night and Edinboro' by Thursday the 21st Waverley Hotel. All letters at Grand are to be sent on.

Have been taking Phosphorine, saw it advertised in London, and having no tonic with me, tried it and it is really excellent. I wonder if Mrs. Turnbull would try it. I take 5 to 7 drops, it is so handy to carry round, just a small bottle, helps the appetite, directions are on it.

If you wish to reach me again, you must write immediately to C.P.R--S.S. Metagama sailing from Glasgow Sept. 5th Scotland. You will need to practice how to place this address best on the envelope, to look well.

After Edinboro' Tom plans we go to Trossachs, Aberdeen, Balmoral, he thinks we have seen nothing in scenery equal to those places in Scotland. Of course we have not seen Lake District in England. I trust you are all well. Will be glad to get home.

Your loving mother.

M. B. McQuesten

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