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Box 12-112 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 6 1913
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

This is regular March weather stormy, snowy and windy. I was thinking about you on Sunday and am glad you went no further, the people were probably not out either. We are expecting Hilda back to-day. It has been a busy week, Tuesday my Auxiliary meeting at which I read the introduction of the Prayer Cycle and suggested its use; as I also did at Beamsville yesterday when I was addressing the auxiliary. It was a most beautiful day, brilliant sun on the white snow and evergreens, it was a lovely ride down by the Radial. We had quite a good meeting and nice tea, Mrs. Laing had done her best to have it a good meeting. One of the ladies told me Mr. Laing was fine with the young people, he worked very hard and had proved quite a success with them. "No one could ever say their minister reflected his work," I was very glad to hear this of poor 'Gus.' On Sunday Evening he had Mr. Judson of Welland Canal mission. I asked him in for tea on Tuesday. He reminded me that he had spoken in McNab the night you preached and he had never forgotten your discourse. He also told me, that he had gone into a Yonge St. mission where the superintendent was a Baptist. Four young men spoke and spoke so well he asked who they were. The superintendent said they came from Wycliffe and that they got the best men from there. From none of the other colleges not excepting his own McMaster did they get such good men that is those who preached the gospel.

On Sunday night, evidently Mr. K. made a point of bringing in the cross and Christ's sacrifice and I do trust that he may grow in grace. I think he is naturally reserved and it is difficult for him to speak freely. But Mrs. Ketchen told Mattie D. that Joe and Mrs. Joe Thomson and Bobbie Ferrie were leaving and going to join Mr. Philpot. Now neither Joe nor Bobbie has done his duty by Mr. K. or the church. I do think it very wrong for young men like that not to make friends with their pastor and let him know where they find a lack and give him a chance to understand what is felt to be needed. It is not a pleasant thing to do and now I feel uncomfortable for doubtless Mr. K. would tell Mrs. K. and people can scarcely help disliking people who do [not?] altogether approve, even tho' they do not want to dislike them. They feel they are being criticized. But I just felt it was not fair to be complaining behind Mr. K's back as the Thomsons do and give him no chance to alter. He is a young man and there are so many who praise his sermons as being so practical as if the gospel of repentance is not the most practical thing in the world.1

Did you write the introduction to the Prayer Cycle? Tell me your part in it. It was encouraging to have Mr. Christie suggest the prayer meeting. But you must not get too intense dear, it just wears one out. A card to H. on Monday from Lizzie McLaren at Guelph, said her father was sinking but he revived again, after getting all the family there.

Tom acting mayor yesterday, received this morning a card with "Joy from the acting Athol Bankers to acting mayor McQ. Who where so'er he sails or anchors. With flying flags gets through. We'll by & bye expect with glee. Him mayor-elect elect to see."

The Presbytery on Tuesday decided to allow Dr. Nelson to present his credentials at a special meeting of Presbytery. Very wrong I thought, they should have squelched on the ground that the minority against was so large. Must close with much love and hoping you will not be laid low tobogganing.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 For more on Mary's criticism of Rev. B. Ketchen's sermons, see Box 12-631, Box 12-145. For Rev. B. Ketchen, see W5359,

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