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Box 12-126 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Apr 8 1913
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

Your letter to Edna was most entertaining, and she was much amused. Christine's sayings should really go into the newspaper. They are remarkably funny. Just now we are bothered. Alice, last week she took cold and it lodged in her liver &c., I got the doctor and she was getting better, but out she must go on Sunday and is worse than ever, the doctor says now it is sciatica and neuralgia. She has no patience, unless watched will not take her medicine, thinks she can't eat and keeps one watching her and of course the girls have to do the work.

We had Mr. Henderson speaking on Sunday and he took dinner with us. His work in the North amongst the lumber men and in the construction camp is really a great work and now the men know him and seem quite interested. He says now the teamsters hurry in their teams and get into the meeting as soon as they can, when they used to loiter and come in the middle of it.

By-the-way I want you to get Mrs. Hughes to take your clothes out of your closet and see that there are no moths or buffalo moths. We do not want your good clothes eaten and they need to be watched in the Spring. Perhaps if you got out your clothes and examined them, under collars and sleeves and get her to wash out your closet before you put them back. I am thinking of sending you up a moth bag or two to put your best suits in, and keep them there.

It was very kind of Dr. Parfitt, I feel as if I must make some return, but do not know how. If I could only have known before Christmas, it could have been managed nicely at that time. The grass is quite green, Stevenson has raked it off to-day, we had quite a few snow-drops. It has kept quite cool but is warmer to-day. Tom is just on the rush most of the time; some times committee meetings, then regular council meetings, then he has been setting exam papers for nights too. I believe they had a fight last night as to something about the R. R. and our side was defeated. Tom has not talked to me and I did not like to start the subject, for he must be so tired of it. To-day was Annual Meeting of the Women's Social Service and Dr. Shearer was speaking. As a matter of duty and for Miss Buchanan's sake I went. Afterwards, I went up to see Mrs. Thomson. She and Laura were asking for you. The Deans have their auto now. Did you know that old Mrs. Telfer had died. Just last week.

As everything is so unsettled in the old country on account of the Suffragettes think it would not be well to go to old country this year. Places of interest are closed. Mary Taylor was here yesterday, has been in poor health and is going to England this month. Well, my news is exhausted and I want to get this posted, so attend to your clothes and do not work too hard. When you feel particularly well, look out and be careful.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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