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Box 12-168 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Annie Parsons
Jan 4 1911
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 449 9th St. Edmonton, Alberta
From: Red Deer Alta.

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

Your message just in. What shall I say in my provocation. Just 11:30 when in our sitting room I read of your being in town on that lone train & I could not possibly make it. I had just missed seeing Dr. MacKay who had tea with a friend in Red Deer when Mr. Anderson's letter came to our box just a few hours after he would be looking for me at the station. You see you are the third celebrity I have missed now.

The difficulty is this--the mail comes out only every other day. If one mail is missed, the letter lies over. So yours was posted Monday morn, the mail man leaves the office at 8 a.m. Monday, Wed., Fri. So--the delay until Wed. morning before we got it here. I am truly sorry for I certainly would have gone in. It would have been a pleasure to be able to tell you too how much pleased I was to learn of your appointment to First Church. We all know of its importance in this vast West. It is a very responsible service but your efforts are enriched with a strong man in Dr. McQueen. Miss Crombie & I were there in Sept. when on our visit. So--we can see you in that pulpit very well and have a special interest in the services.

Then I want to tell you too of the receipt of the photo folder a few days ago. I was much pleased to get it and as proof was only waiting my acknowledgment for a few photos of our interests here, which I expected to print and enclose it in. If I don't get them done, shall wait later. The little book has a great deal of interest to go back to Glenhurst--your shack made me fairly scream and the minister-.

The horse stirred me at once. I am a fancier you know & only wish you had "My Lady Marigold" up here, we have such lovely drives, hills, valleys, slopes, curves--very picturesque around the numerous little lakes west of us.

Your room suggests solid comfort. Truly I can easily imagine 9th St. from the Church far enough in such weather as we have had lately unlike any since we have been up here. There are lovely days in winter in Northern Alberta. The little house is very pretty with its vines & trees. Jasper Ave. is quite familiar too.

Now I am going to give you an address to phone too, when in or coming to Red Deer again which is sure. Call up Indian Industrial School west of Red Deer & give message for me to Rev. Arthur Barker (Principal) or any one will attend to it if he is out. They send a messenger to me at once 2 1/2 miles distant--so it is very convenient. It just requires about 1 1/4 hr. to drive me. Then anytime you go to the Manse in Red Deer, Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Brown there will be glad to see you upon yr.[sic] introduction. For we are good friends. I hope you will meet Mr. B. he is splendid.

So--I hope next time you are down that we may have a little visit. Couldn't you come out some time if even for a short stop of. I can meet & take you in, we are only 7 1/2 miles from R.D. on a fine trail and we would be very much pleased to see an old friend. [?] time--I must close. Many thanks for book & kind wishes. I shall not forget yr. service in E.

Sincerely yours

Annie L. Parsons

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