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Box 12-184 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Apr 26 1912
To: Calvin McQuesten Bracebridge Ont.
From: 'Whitehern'

Dearest Calvin,

It is good of you when your time must be so filled up, to write me such a fine long letter, and it is good to think you are so happy in your work and surroundings. The house, I am sure, will be lively. We will not buy another thing here. I only hope the Rattan chairs are not all "unvarnished" would like some in brown or green for sitting-room. At the same time would like to buy everything else there. I cannot decide what to do about the bed-stead here. You see if we take up this bed-stead out of the nursery, I have got to buy a new mattrass [sic] and springs and we wondered if we could not just take one of our cots up with us just for the summer and put your cot that is here in the third bed-room. But then it seems too bad not to have a good bed-stead in the room with your fine bureau. Of course your cot is wide and would not look badly nicely made in a corner, and people need not expect every room in your house furnished at once.

Your tulips under hedge are coming up nicely. The house looks magnificent in new paint. Wish you could see. Grass green but not much growth, wanting more rain for the violets. My time is limited, Mr. Irving and Katie have just gone, we had them for dinner and have had a regular good talk. Mrs. I. looking wonderfully well and has been enjoying herself immensely going round. It seems a great many in St. Mary's were much taken with you. Hilda & I went to Toronto yesterday, specially for H. to consult Dr. Graham Chambers for her nose, he is a specialist. He said, she needed internal remedies; then we went shopping had quite a successful day and weather was delightful, bright and sunny.

Just after we had started for the boat, occurred the accident with the horse none of the family saw, the poor thing fell right over into the corner behind the mock orange, then a painter got it and led it out, it got along somehow on its three legs into the stable yard. It would have made terrible work of our place, if it had not been disabled. We are just waiting till Mr. Gentle gets things ready, he thinks by the 15th May, he will have them. Do not need maple syrup here. Will write again if I think of anything. With much love.

Your affectionate mother

M.B. McQuesten

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