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Hope there are some good strong men to handle the things. Mr. Gentle has sent word that chair was too old to bear castors.

Box 12-194 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
May 18 1912 Saturday [approximate date]
To: Calvin McQuesten [Bracebridge, Ontario]
From: ['Whitehern']

Dearest Cal.,

Your letter came just in time this morning to get the box from the attic, it also came in handy to take all the kitchen utensils &c. It is just a lovely day for getting all the things off. Hill's man got the things from Burrowe's and pictures from Thompson's. One van full got down before dinner and when I went down and saw the foreman he assured me all would be put right on one case, and would leave to-night and reach you Monday. Isn't that fine? Now Hilda can plan to start off Thursday morning. The man who is crating says, they should be opened outside, but of course that would depend on the weather and your being able to get men to do this. Would you have room in your stable? It would be fine to get some things done, so that you need not be too much disturbed at the end of the week. If the crates and cases were opened, but do not take things out of the packing cases (they ought to be carried right into hall) till Hilda comes as she knows just where she put things. All Mr. Gentle's things had come, but I am asking him to send us castors for the chair and H. will take them up. Well, I think this is all, one galvanizing pail is with Uncle's things and fine hammer &c. as I told you. By good luck met Chisholm yesterday. But think I told you about getting bath-room window cleaned. Am just "tickled to death" to think the things are getting off in such good time. By going now H. gains $1.50. You will have to try and not get excited and [?] yourself to death. With much love.

Your mother

M.B. McQuesten [Written on back of envelope] Two vans load, some pretty heavy things. Bracebridge Lodge [?] S of U.W. "Christ's message of the Kingdom" by Prof. Hogg of the Madras Christian College. "Mark of the Spirit" by Prof. Davison of England.

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