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Box 12-258 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister, Hilda McQuesten
Jan 16 1911
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 449 - 9th Street Edmonton, Alberta
From: Mountain Brow

My dearest Calvin

You certainly have been shamefully neglected in never getting a letter all these weeks! I'm afraid I am taking after the Uncle in letter writing. But you see having a house of one's own keeps me pretty busy and as we have a good many visitors I am constantly interrupted. My evenings are always spent in Ruby's room and I am becoming quite hardened as to cold. Fortunately we do not have any or very little severe weather.

Mother said she told you all about Christmas and all the things Ruby got, such a time as I had with all her flowers and plants, they had to be removed every evening. I have just 8 plants now, so that is not so bad.

I got quite a number of things. Mother had my umbrella covered with a lovely silk covering, then I got a silk blouse, a book, a jabot, a bow, a box of ribbons, brooch from Mrs. Thomson, two boxes of note paper, which should have encouraged me to write, a lovely silver photo frame and numerous other little things which I have almost forgotten. So you see I was well treated.

I am glad that you had such a nice Xmas, and quite agree with all your sentiments on Lorna, she is a dear, I'm very fond of her, give her my love, it is impossible for me to promise to write to her as I'm always behind in that [line?].

Ruby's Xmas was almost too much for her, though she did enjoy it all thoroughly. Then she had a lot of visitors, Marion Robinson came the Saturday before New Years and stayed till Monday afternoon, we enjoyed seeing her, but it tried Ruby a little. Then there was Mr. Rose of Ottawa, Edith Vander Smissen, Jack MacLaran and numerous other people all through, till finally last Thursday I simply would not let her talk to anyone, so she is getting rested. Mother comes up very often and so does Tom, Mary and Edna occasionally.

Our cottage is very pretty and cosy the admiration and envy of not a few. Emily Colquhoun comes over every week they still have their cousin a Mr. Alexander staying with them. Mr. Colquhoun wants to make a match between Marjory and the cousin but Marjory objects and I don't know whether the cousin wants M. or not. Mrs. C. now wishes he would go home as he eats so much and evidently is not coming to the scratch. However Emily says she hopes he will stay for they at least get longer to eat. Mrs. C. is certainly getting very queer. I have not been over since I came home but must try to go over some day. Mr. Crawford is over at our San. on the mountain. He is pretty well although he still has fever.

Roderick and Dorothy Powis are to be married in the spring and live at [Glen??]. Emily thinks it crazy, for Rod only gets a thousand and he has hardly any thing saved.

The latest engagement is Mr. Robert Hope and Miss S.O. Greening, she has three children from 15 yrs. to 6 yrs. Very interesting for the future 'papa.' Perhaps you had better be on the watch for a nice 'widdy' woman only I would advise one without encumbrances!!!

As I have still about ten letters to write I must hurry on. Very many thanks for the book which I am to get shortly. I quite enjoy possessing a book all my own as I can count all I possess on ten fingers.

Ruby sends a great deal of love and with much love from myself and all send wishes for 1911.

Your loving sister

Hilda B. McQuesten.

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