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Box 12-276 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
May 13 1912 Saturday Night [approximate date]
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

Dearest Calvin,

I wrote in a hurry this morning. There are no special arrangements with the Railway C. more than explained in Tidings. In order that I might not reach Vancouver late Saturday night, I am leaving on Monday the 10th to reach there Friday. I inquired of the agent to-day, my berth is No. 6 in Pullman and if Miss Bastedo goes to Sudbury the same day (she would have to find out what train) she would connect with our train about six o'clock in the morning, she could connect at Bala at 3 a.m, a terrible hour. Do not know how she would find my car, as I would think there would be more than one Pulman. Forgot to ask the number of our car. If she could go up and stay all night at Sudbury and she would need to get your agent to wire for her berth for Tuesday from Sudbury. As to extending her ticket you can do nothing here about it, the agent says, only some friend in the West might be able to do that who has some influence with the company or in case of illness.

We are returning by boat, the extra cost is stated in Tidings. I understood the berth would cost $16 that is $4.00 a night. The family is urging me on to great extravagance namely to take the Alaska trip. I believe it takes four days by steamer. Then we are to stop off at various places on return from Vancouver so as to see mountains by day light. We are going to "Glencoe Lodge" in Vancouver, as I did not like to impose ourselves for so many days on strangers. Tho' it will be expensive, will not tell you cost, so you cannot tell or they will think us millionaires. The extra cost on boat is made up by having berth and meals. Walter James writes that he is sorry not to be there, but is coming East to be married, but tells me of a number of places to visit and tells me Mr. Jamieson of their Bank will serve me in any way. Will be happy to do anything I can for Miss Bastedo if she can arrange some way to join me. Will not close this till I ask number our car. Beware of the girls, Calvin.


My car is No 79 on C.P.R our berth no 6, which we get at Toronto. Leave here by 8.20 p.m train. Think it is ten o'clock from Toronto. It would be a good idea for her to go to Toronto. It is Monday 10th June we go. Am afraid the weather was not good for you yesterday the rain is a great thing for your garden. Tulips you planted at point of heart are lovely, others not out yet. With much love.

Your mother

[M.B. McQuesten]

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