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Box 12-283 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Joseph. A. Clark
Feb 1 1915
To: Reverend Calvin McQuesten Buckingham, Quebec
From: Glenhurst, Saskatchewan

Rev. C. McQuesten

Dear friend, I received your letter some little time ago & was pleased to know that you had accepted another church & we hope you will like it. I was talking to Palmer about renting the place again & he said would rent in again but the way he wants you to do is to let him spring plough 30 ac. & put it in oats & put what he has summerfallow to wheat, he would plough the 30 ac. & furnish the oats for 2/3 of the crop. Now Mr. McQuesten, I was all over your place last fall and all that 100 ac. of summerfallow that Skinner done has a lot of grass growing through it & where that grass is know [sic] crop will grow & it would not pay you or Palmer to put it in so I think your best plan is to summerfallow 80 ac. each year if you can manage it at least if it were mine that is what I would do with it. For it is the only way to be sure of a crop & then again if wheat stays at the price it is at just now & there is prospects of it doing so for 2 or three years land will go up in value & if you wanted to sell it you would get a better price for it than if you had know [sic] summerfallow at all & I think you will get just as good results if not better than by trying to take two crops. However it is for you to decide & let me know what you think of it. You spoke about me only paying Palmer 120 when you thought it ought to have been 125 well I measured the ground & there was not quite 49 ac. so I asked him if $120 would satisfy him & he said yes so you don't owe me or Palmer anything. Harry Ellis & Gully Anderson have enlisted for the war. Gully is in Winnipeg training & Harry in Saskatoon. Gully belongs to the 32st Batallion [sic] & I don't know what Harry is in.

Trusting to hear from you soon.

Joseph A. Clark

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