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Box 12-296 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
May 3 1912
To: Calvin McQuesten Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

This is poor little Ruby's birthday. How often I think of her, taken out of all this hurry and bustle! And yet how lovely it would be to have her here. It was such a delight to look at her. I see her always before me.

I was glad to think you received your birthday letters in the day, I had hoped to send you my photograph, and did try but O the proofs were frightful things. I am the most silly simpering looking old creature. I was feeling pretty fresh, this morning and hoped for better results. Wasn't it good too that your cheque came out that day? Altho' it is not as large as you could have wished, it is a great thing to have sufficient to pay off your note. How much will horse and buggy cost? Do you think it will pay to have it? Then before I forget I want to ask do you mean there is a garden for vegetables as large as our [?] lawn? It would be an awful job to keep that in order, and yet the vegetables would be nice; but you must get a man to dig it up, and E. says be sure and put in peas.

I wrote before about the folding doors, we thought you would need them when winter comes to keep the dining-room warm and I will try and get exact measurements of our carpets, so if you like when you are getting linoleum put down in hall you could have it put round rooms also, wide runner to nail carpets on top. Uncle had a dust pan, but it is a good plan to have two, do not know of any soap dish. When the linoleum is put down in hall do not have it finally tacked for a couple of weeks or longer, because it stretches, we found that out from Wattkins' man who put ours down. By the way, I would not have the linoleum laid in hall till furniture has been carried in. You might select it for fear you cannot get it when you want it. It would be well too not to have cases taken into kitchen or it would be better to have it done now than later when carpets are down. I had intended having curtains any way, we have some rep [sic] ones which I am thinking of having dyed brown, think brown would be prettier than green with that paint and the bright rug.

We would not need doors for the summer, if you have to pay for painting and would like to postpone it. As to floors they use linoleum in all kinds of rooms, that is in the wood shades like hardwood. Mrs. Mullin has it in her bed-room and I think it more serviceable than paint, it does not show scratches like painted floor. Is there a man there who could cut and lay linoleum for you and tack down the carpets? New painted floor, they might stay in hall.

Yesterday sent you some books hoping they may be of some use, you need not return them, but do not give them away, I want to keep "Western Women &c." Have another "Via Christie." Tried to think if there was any thing else but could not.

Helen Gartshore came to call yesterday morning with Mr. Luce. I liked him very much indeed, cannot understand the slighting remarks, which have been made. Have been much interrupted, am sure to have forgotten something, but will write again if I have. With much love.

Your mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S] Tom does not seem to know exactly when your note is due, its amount or the accrued interest. We were much taken with the letter & photo.

[Written on back of the envelope:] her photos, garden peas, linoleum, can lay, stretching & after furniture, Smith's Dict. & Herodatus, tea-set 140, no cake plates, will enquire about wicker table & felt-chairs, uncle's table fumed oak will best prefer to wait for cabinet, Miss Bastedo with them & extension.

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