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Box 12-354 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister, Edna McQuesten
Nov 30 1910
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Cal,

It seems as though I never write but to thank you for money. When I told Hilda and Ruby they were delighted. Hilda was much surprised and at once asked if the money was there and said she would try and come in this afternoon for it. So you see what a set of vultures are always ready to flock down and seize upon your earnings.

This afternoon Mary and I were at a small Tea at the "Homestead" given for Mrs. Leitch's sister from Montreal, Mrs. Rogers. Mrs. Fletcher was there and was so kind to me. She embraced us when we went in and introduced me to various ones and embraced me when she left. She looked as fresh and pretty as possible and leaves for Winnipeg on Tuesday. Mrs. Lyle was very hearty too and Mrs. Proctor, Mrs. Irwin, and Nellie. The Gillies's were there, Annie and Mrs. Leitch, Mary Hazlett and Mrs. Hazlett. Mrs. Hendrie was kindness itself and we had a great variety of cakes. We saw all the photos of the wedding, mostly very poor ones I must admit, taken by Crawford. I didn't recognize the people in them, most of them. Also we saw two photos of Murray Hendrie's ranch at Battle Creek. It looked quite picturesque. Phylis looked very large in her bridal attire. Kate Colquhoun was in and was asking for you.

On Friday I'm to help make candy at Miss Davidson's for the sale and Saturday I'm asked to a girls' tea at Rosalynde Osborne's. Tuesday Frances Wardrobe and I have an afternoon Tea table at the Bazaar. So it's to be hoped I survive. I went to the Wardrobe's Tea at Conservatory and a small one at Florence Howell's but refused to go to Mrs. J.J. Scott's and Annie Parke's. Hessie Bell is taking cooking lessons in Germany. Madeleine says it occupies her and is a change and when she goes to bed she sleeps after being busy all day.

I had a letter from Olive and she is attending Bible Training School every morning. Douglas is in Philadelphia studying art. Olive says Marion is developing greatly in mind and body as she thinks she will be the clever one of the family.

I had dinner on the mountain today.1 Hilda and I had a small cauliflower between. It was so pretty, I never knew such a season for it and vegetables of all kinds; Florence Howell was saying the same, she has been going to the market all summer. I never in my life had so much money, $11. The family think I should bank it. Tom is proposing I put it in with his. There are one or two things I've been wanting money for very badly. You are a very generous character. It is a quarter past nine so must close with much love.

Your affec. sister,


1 This refers to the cottage on top of the escarpment that the family had rented for Ruby, who was suffering from tuberculosis. She died from her illness on April 9, 1911, see W6135.

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