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Box 12-364 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Nov 18 1910 Sabbath Evening [approximate date]
To: Calvin McQuesten [ Edmonton, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

Dearest Calvin,

It has just occurred to me, that as you are in Edmonton to-day, a letter might meet you in Winnipeg. We are going on just as usual, Tom has gone to the mountain to tea and stay with R. while H. goes to church. I have gone hitherto, but felt tired to-day, generally am after week's rush. We had a nice little maid for three weeks, but she went home yesterday, was not well when she came and was on the verge of nervous prostration; she was a very good little girl and willing but not a cook; and poor Mary had been trying to teach her all that time, however she had helped us a good deal.

Heard from Mrs. Thomson yesterday, they are at Bexhill on the Sea in the South of England and intend spending the winter there. It is quite disappointing especially for Ruby and we have so few really intimate friends. Quite a number go to see R. and send flowers, home-bread &c. &c. The latest engagement is of Nan Gilmour to Murray Hendrie. It is extraordinary with what women can be satisfied; just such another Phyllis Hendrie married.

Evidently the West has a fascination for you. It was quite wise, however, I think to see Edmonton, but one needs to be a writer in these places, to know their worst side. R. noticed Eleanor Ross's name amongst the Students at Saskatoon. Would you like to be a professor there? Last Tuesday Dr. Fletcher's jubilee was celebrated in our church by the Presbytery and others. A fine illuminated address was presented by them and two Scarboro [sic] Elders were there with an address, and Mr. Chisholm on the behalf of the various churches and friends presented $1200 and a fine satchel with purse of twelve 10 dollar gold pieces to Mrs. F. Our congregation gave $400 of it. $120 came from Toronto. Did you ever know a man better treated? I think our people are wonderful. The addresses were all very happy too and finally Presbytery read a short address of appreciation to Mr. Black on completion of his 57th year in the ministry that very day. Dr. McMullen of Woodstock was there and Dr. Somerville represented Toronto Presbytery.

Well, I hope we shall see you home safe and sound some day. I do not know if Mr. Ketchen wrote you about a church at Stratford he would like you to get. It is one of two, one is like Knox here a large mixed congregation, the other not large but very nice people, well to do, giving $1200 (I think). Well, I must close. With much love.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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