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Box 12-381 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jan 3 1911
To: Calvin McQuesten 449, Ninth St. Edmonton, Altberta.
From: Whitehern

My dearest Calvin,

I must write you even a few lines, or you will not hear before Sunday. We really have been so occupied one way and another, that I get quite confused as to my letter writing. Indeed I do not know what I should have done, if Edna had not come to my assistance by writing letters of thanks to all the Ottawa teachers, I am just beginning to feel rested after the Christmas rush. Edna & I were thinking we would like to go away next year and do nothing for Christmas at all, but probably if we could do that we would feel as if we had missed something.

I expect you were just driven to death between on thing and another and it would be a great work getting the lists in order for the envelopes. Yesterday when I was up at the cottage Mr. Murray came in to make his New Year's call and brought with him your snap shots and Sabbath programme.1 I was so pleased to see them. Edmonton looks like a very attractive place, such a fine wide Street, and it looked very fine too to see your name in full at the Christmas service, you must tell me how you got on. But I do not like the term pastor for Presbyterian ministers, it should be minister, pastor is applied to Congregationalists, Methodists &c. Tom drew my attention to this in making pulpit notices for the papers. The minister is so much more dignified.

Well, on Saturday Marion Robinson arrived, she spent her time between here and the cottage, and went away last evening. Edith Vander Smissen called on Friday, and a Miss Lawrence was to come to-day but fortunately was prevented, for really the visitors are quite a trial, Ruby has had far too many of them. I scarcely ever get a quiet minute with her unless I go there to tea and stay the evening and Hilda can scarcely get a minute to herself. You see on Tuesday appeared Carrie Barclay and Mr. Rose of Ottawa and the family are always down upon him poor man. Then Nellie Mullin and Robin Mullin, and Heurner Mullin, each one visited her at different times, it would have been strange if they had not. Then to-day Jack Maclaren was up there.

Well, Calvin dear, the book arrived, Mary was very pleased to have "The Second Chance" and Tom his book, and Edna is just delighted with hers "Daydreams." Have just had time to look into it and it is charming. "Peter" we will change, as we have read it, but liked it very much. "Grimms Tales" was such a heavy book that Ruby really could not handle it, the illustrations were not pretty, very grotesque and some really hideous and we thought it a pity to keep it when a pretty tale would give her more pleasure. Mr. T. wrote he would be happy to exchange. I have written for "Anne of Green Gables" "Anne of Avonlea" and "A Cavalier of Virgina." R. was afraid you would be disappointed and it would be a nice book for the library, but I think you would rather we had something that would amuse her. I must close as we have to run for the post. Have a splendid maid who is just a comfort. With fondest love and wishing you a very happy New Year!

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Mrs. McCrea wrote me such a lovely letter congratulating me on your success, left it [with] R. but will send it.

1 This programme (Box 03-096) is at Whitehern. On the front it lists Rev. McQueen as pastor, and Calvin as assistant pastor. Inside is listed a sermon by Calvin, titled "The Greatest Event in Human History."

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