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[Note at top] Sunday morning R. hungry for her breakfast of [black bass?], had a fine night.

Box 12-428 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jun 18 1910
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: Box 166

Dearest Calvin

This is my wedding day and I have been thinking, it is well we cannot see ahead of us or we would never have courage to live; and yet many and great mercies have been mine and many pleasures too. Ruby I am thankful is feeling very well, these last few days, has been taking her regular meals, relishing them and digesting, seems at last to have got rid of the acidity. Just after she came over here she had an attack like grip, chills fever &c. nausea, but for over two weeks, she took Dr. Arnott's prescription and directions, having only milk boiled, sipping it, and an hour afterwards a piece of dry [sic] was to be slowly masticated. Now she takes all liquids an hour before her meal, and if there is no set back, and she could go on eating as she does now, it does seem as if there should be some real gain. We have been having fine warm days, but nights are just cool enough for sleeping. R. enjoys her verandah so much, the trees around are so pretty and masses of ferns, close by the verandah beautiful sweet white and pink clover. Then the netting keeps off the mosquitoes, when we go over to the lake, we are devoured by them. I suppose you have them too. The only trouble is the noise of crows in the morning tho' they are not so bad as they were in the day time, they are really interesting and the cottage needs outside shutters to make it perfect. It is fortunate that the cellar is quite a cool one, as we cannot get ice, but we manage very well.

Mr. and Mrs. Chipman were here the other day, evidently in a lover's paradise at present, have a cottage on an island and a boy to row them. Mr. Powis comes every other day and others from "The Minnewaska." Mr. Howells and Miss Miller got married the other day. They have a cottage too; they know he cannot live very long, but he seems pretty well now. Great dissatisfaction with the food at "The Minnewaska," do not know if I mentioned that Mr. Thompson, Sir Jas. Whitney's daughter was taken home, her case hopeless, but they found great fault with the attendance &c. and I feel terribly worried with the thought that Ruby had no fair chance there either. Neither climate or food was right; but it is no use looking back, we must just do our best now, and hope for a long warm summer. It looks as if it was going to be fine to-morrow, it has rained every Sunday for weeks, and church managers are in despair. Mr. McKeracher has just called. Went to see Mrs. Mims this morning, she was inquiring for you. Have not seen Dr. Parfitt since we came. So sorry to see by Globe, Prof. McFadyen had lost his little daughter Caroline aged 7 years.

Wasn't that a terrible catastrophe in the Herald office? Poor Mr. Brierley! Do you get the Globe or not? Received your letter yesterday telling of meeting in your shack re school. We have got a woman too to make home-made bread for us. It seems as if we do nothing but think of food. Glad you are keeping well. All join in much love.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] The fuschia is covered with flowers,13 flowers & 10 buds just lovely.

[Writing on the back of envelope, listed] Br. in bed, Cases and awning, Martin-Gunn, Mosquito, [?] cork, Br. weekly, Globe-Herald, McFadyen's daughter.

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