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Box 12-467 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Helen Gartshore
Jan 16 1911
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 449 Ninth Street, Edmonton, Alberta
From: Willow Bank Eglinton, Ontario

Dear Calvin,

As you addressed that very interesting Xmas card to me, I suppose I must acknowledge it, though it was dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. Gartshore and the little Gartshores. Sydney is the only one who could possibly come under that head. I don't think you'd know some of our family if you saw them. George grows inches in every direction every month. I think G. is quite a man. Jacqueline celebrated her 18th birthday on Saturday & even Sydney is a big boy, though as much a pet as ever. He is a very enthusiastic member of the Mendelson choir, the children's chorus. We had a lovely Xmas this year, it seemed especially good, of course after being away for four. We were all at home & had as well for Xmas dinner, one of our English cousins, his bride and sister-in-law & another girl.

We all went out bobbing in the afternoon. We have had some very good bobbing this year. Last Tuesday we had Mr. Harkness of the Chapman-Alexander campaign out bobbing. He is an Australian & had never had any winter sports. He did so enjoy it.

I was so glad to hear your people had had such a happy Xmas, though I've no doubt they would miss you after having looked forward to having you. I am hoping to move up to Hamilton soon to see Hilda and Ruby, though I don't know when it will be. My time always seems very full, for some reason or other. Sydney & I thought of going up together but I don't know if we shall be able to manage it as she goes to New York the end of the month. Did you hear that Mary Gartshore & Jessie Wilson are both engaged? Mary's man is a Londoner & he has gone with them all (Jessie & her husband & aunt Bella) to Egypt for the winter. Aren't they lucky? I would love to go to Egypt. It is so wonderfully interesting. Most places are. Jessie Wilson's fiancee is a great friend of Alec's, & lives in Vancouver.

I wonder if you know a Mr. & Mrs. Taylor in Edmonton. Jacqueline & I met them on board ship coming back in May. We like Mrs. Taylor very much indeed & Mr. Taylor used to keep us amused, to say the least. We were very friendly & they promised to send a photo of their little dog to Jacqueline whom they admired very much. We were wondering if they had lost our address as we hadn't heard from them. So if you know them you can tell them. I think his initial is A. I don't believe I thanked you for the card, which is what this letter was for. However, I do & we were all very much interested in the views. With best wishes for the New Year from Mr. & Mrs. Gartshore & all the little?[sic] Gartshores, especially, Yours truly.

Helen [Gartshore]

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