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Box 12-496 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from J. A. Jaffary
Dec 27 1911
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Duart P.O. Ontario
From: 449-9th St. Edmonton, Alberta

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

Let me thank you very much for that beautiful little book "The Psalms in Human Life" which you were good enough to send us with your wishes for a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We have had a volume on the hymns and their uses in life, but have never had in the house anything in the line of this book on the Psalms; and certainly their history in this regard is of much greater interest and importance. We will therefore value this book highly and often think of your kindness in sending it. The year has been marked for us from among others chiefly by Bessie's illness. It is only recently we have been able to say that she is fully well. Christmas I think has found us able to make this report of all the family. Dougal was not home. A very wet harvest threw all Fall operations back and only now is he nearing the end of the season's work. We hope to have him in a week to remain a month at home. Ewart is in his final year at the High School and Stuart is busy at McKay Ave. and Alberta College for music.

We are still on 9th as you may judge by the address. The Roy. has not spanned the river yet: not for a year more can we expect to drive or ride to S'cona that way. We hope that 9th will then become too busy to live on--at least for us to do so.

Robertson church is now nearly full. The annual meeting will I think show the average collections to have been over $100 per Sabbath. Matters, congregationally, move very happily, and Mr. Stewart has shown himself a sane hard worker and a very good preacher.

The new building for First Church has taken final shape but nothing is done, I believe on the inside as yet. They will have to hustle to be ready for June. The other city churches I regret to say, I know very little about, except that Westminster congregation fills its new auditorium in the evenings.

Jan'y 4th 1911

I am very sorry that this was not near to finished and for a variety of reasons not touched again till now.

Let me now wish you and those in your home a very Happy New Year. Through God's great love and grace alone that is possible in the truest sense to any of us. You will all enter it I am sure relying on the sure word "my grace is sufficient for thee."

You have my sincere sympathy in the sorrows, so great that darkened the year that has just closed1: but even in these I know you found mercies mingled for which to give thanks.

Mrs. Jaffary and all in the family join me in thanks for your kind remembrance of us and in best wishes for 1912.

Yours faithfully

J. A. Jaffary

1 Calvin's favourite sister Ruby died on April 9, 1911, only a month before her thirty-second birthday.

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