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Box 12-526 TO MRS. MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter, Hilda McQuesten
May 12 1910
To: Mrs. Mary Baker McQuesten [?]
From: Gravenhurst

My dearest Mitherkins,

Your fine long letter came this morning and I will answer your questions--We do not take Ruby's temperature for she had told the doctor that when she came over here, she wasn't going to bother with temperature or pulse and he agreed. I spoke to her about being weighed before coming here but it was not convenient, so accordingly that was not done. Dr. & Mrs. Parfitt were here Tuesday for a few minutes but the Dr. simply looked at R.'s eyes & tongue & said nothing. He was in a hurry and Ruby was at her dinner, it being about half past six.

Mrs. Parfitt looks very poorly. She has had a succession of unexpected visitors and is simply tired out. She had sent R. some lovely pansies which Mrs. Doolittle had sent her.

I have managed better this week with meat. Have gotten lovely mutton chops, and a nice piece for mutton broth with barley, also sweet breads which R. had to-day and enjoyed very much. I have to be careful and not stuff her too hard!!

The material for curtains came alright Saturday, I must have forgotten to mention it, also the $5.00 and the cheque to-day. The curtains are up, Mr. Powis thought them quite an improvement nice color etc. He and a Miss Baxter and Mrs. Coombs were over yesterday afternoon, as it was a decidedly cool afternoon treated them to tea and gold cake which they much enjoyed. Mr. P. is such a nice jolly little fellow. Mrs. Coombs on leaving presented all patients with treats. Mr. P. said she doted on them for which he got a short lecture. However she really was very kind and nice. It seems Mr. P. knew her when the she went to Ascension Church in Hamilton. This afternoon about six Miss Grier (Mr. Howells nurse) brought the box containing the lase[sic] and asparagus. R will have it to-morrow it looks lovely.1

The Howells have a house just on the road to town and as we ask for their mail they dothe same for us.

Ruby says you must not think she is too ill to write for she really looks so well, especially to-day not a bit feverish looking, but it is a little windy and really too cool to sit up and write letters, especially as I can do it. She says too, that she is really most comfortable and never cold when under bed clothes even at night. I take the'cure' a good deal myself. Put on my jersey and coat with rug around my lower parts and we do a surprising amount of gossip with little work. I quite enjoy just having lunch at noon and hot dinner at night, the evenings don't seem so long and R. has a much better appetite than at noon. With the kitchen so convenient it is very little extra trouble.

The other morning as I wanted to get the pick of meat I went early to town and left R.'s cleansing till I got back. On the way Miss Miller asked me to mail a letter for her and remarked that Ruby was as bad as Mr. Howell who had absolutely refused to be washed till it got warmer. Edna will extend her sympathy I know, I hope she is having a little freedom in that direction these chilly mornings. Carrie and I retire to a warm kitchen to perform ours.

Never mind about sending tubs etc. You will have got my card by now. If you think of any sewing that you would like to have done why just wire it up, for one can rent a machine for $2 a month just like in town.

Homers "the large department store" is a really very obliging place to deal with and will do anything to oblige. So if at any time you want to send by express just direct to me in their care and they will send right out.

Two cases of smallpox are in town, men from Cobalt, however, there is no fear of our having to be vaccinated again!! With heaps of love to all my faminly and inquiring friends.

Hilda McQuesten

1 Letter fragment ends here. Another letter fragment numbered Box 12-602 follows as it is most likely the continuation of Box 12-526.

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