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41 Jackson St. West, Hamilton [crossed out]
[Re-directed to] Bracebridge, Ontario

Box 12-568 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Tully W. Anderson
May 5 1912
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten
From: Ardath, Saskatchewan

Rev. Calvin McQuesten,
Dear Friend,

You will probably be a little surprised to hear but hope the surprise will take no ill effect. I have contemplated writing you for a long time but for various reasons have neglected it and probably should not be writing today as the past two weeks has been a time of adversity with me but will try and lay this aside and drop you a few lines. In the first place we are today lying under about 6 inches of snow, it rained on Thursday, snowed all of Friday and part of Saturday and today is a scotch mist but pleased to say most of my wheat is under it and when the weather warms up will be able to watch it grow. I think most of the wheat seeding is done around here.

I am daily expecting a call from our new Presbyterian Student who I believe is to be a Mr. White at least I had a letter from Mr. M.F. Munn to this effect. I am also expecting to see Miss Maud Young of Toronto whom you spoke so highly of under her affliction. I believe she is going to be for the summer with Mrs. Clark. Mrs. Clark and Jean and I think everyone in the neighbourhood are well. Miss Vera Fisher has been ill of late but I believe is around again. Miss Chapman has also been laid off but is back to her natural state again. Jennina and Ed were with me last Sunday and had along their two children, all apparently in the best of health. The nurse as probably you know is living in Montreal she went east last December on a trip but has not yet returned. I am told there is a young man from Hamilton has a new house up patiently waiting her return. George is working for Mr. Fern on the road to Bounty, and as for William I have not saw not heard from him since last Xmas he is on the road someplace.

Oh! And while I think of it I have some prospective buyers coming to see me sometime next month and if you are desirous of selling your homestead and wish to entrust the work to me you might let me know at your earliest convenience, your price and terms, cash and otherwise.

We have a very nice little town now on Andy Birton's homestead. Just about four miles from me to the east. In which we have 3 general stores, 1 hardware, a Restaurant, a Butcher Shop, Barber shop and pool room, 2 lumber yards, 3 implement sheds, 3 elevators, a Blacksmith shop and Feed Barn, a Bank and the last and lest needed, the foundation for an hotel. Oh! Pardon mois we have a temporary church I believe the new structure which I believe is to cost in the neighbourhood of Six Thousand Dollars is to be Undenominational or possibly I should say union though this is hardly the term as I do not think their will ever be a union in Ardath. But at any rate the church to be built is to be for the use of all protestant Denominations.

Well Mr. Mack as it is getting late and I want to write a couple more notes I think I will draw to a close. Hoping to hear from you some fine day and thanking you for your Xmas card.

I remain,

Yours Sincerely,

Tully W. Anderson, Ardath, Sask

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