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Box 12-594 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Hilda McQuesten
May 9 1910
To: Mary Baker McQuesten ['Whitehern,' Hamilton]
From: Gravenhurst, Ontario

My darling Mother,

Have just received your card, and papers. Will be going into town to-morrow and will find out about express. Do not think it would pay to use glass [lime?] up here as there are no crocks and the price of a good sized one is about 80 cts. I think perhaps one case would do us and the others could be put into glass [lime?] at home for home use. The cellar here is very [?] and [cold?], think if we just greased them they would keep alright, I could be there when they [come?].

Bruce [?] is giving me about five dozen a week and they will be [?] 20 to 23 a doz. perhaps less. Ruby does not take more than 4 to 6 eggs a day, and then only the whites, so the yolks I use for various things. Would it not do to bring them when you come?

Bye [sic] the way, if you think we would need one large steamer why it would need to be brought up as they have none like it in town only a small thing to sit in a pot and the lid does not fit very tightly.

Ruby is doing nobly in the eating line although I know she often feels stuffed. In the mornings for breakfast she has porridge and cream, bacon, two pieces of toast, marmalade & tea. At half past ten junket or whites of 2 eggs at once, good bowl of beef tea or soup, salad of lettuce & tomatoe [sic] (tomatoes are 10 cts lb) scrambled egg or cold meat and some good dessert, bread & butter etc. etc. Got some nice celery in town to-day. We also had some nice rhubarb which a small boy came round selling for 5 cts bunch. The potatoes are very good up here the best I've seen.

The $5.00 came alright, I've plenty for some time. I paid the coal bill, the wood bill has not come in yet it is [$]2.00 I believe. Ruby was going to write but I told her not to bother as I was writing. She is really becoming fatter and lazier every day I tell her. I even do her hair every morning.

Carrie and I have not started to church yet. In the morning by the time R.[Ruby] has had breakfast, rested, got properly cleansed and every thing cleaned and readdy [sic] for the day it is about ten, and as Carrie does not care to go alone, why I guess, we will just be restin'.

Jean McKeracher came in yesterday afternoon, she went to Hamilton this afternoon. Poor Mr. M. is just recovering he was really quite ill.

We call for the mail at Post office now as we generally need to go to once a day and did not like to bother Mrs. Fournier. This calling at the door by the butcher and grocer does not do very well. It is very difficult to get good meat, they seem to hardly ever have mutton or lamb or chickens, however he is going to get me one or other to-morrow. One has just to pester them well I find.

Colonel Young was in this afternoon and he said that he believed the boats going up the lakes got the best meats. Mrs. Young has a pretty good pull so she often has good meat kept for her, and various dainties. Well my dear mother this seems to be a letter all about grub but as Edna probably will remark that is what we live for!!

We have had some one in every day, the Colonel was our only caller to-day, he is such a pathetic little man.

We go to bed at nine and as it is a quarter past! must close with heaps of love.

Your loving daughter


[P.S.] Please send in Mr. Homer's parcels care as they do not deliver express.

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