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[Written at top of letter:] Don't hurry about coming up here, a few days sooner or later won't matter. Don't rush, take care of yourself.

Box 12-618 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Hilda McQuesten
May 30 1910
To: Mary Baker McQuesten 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario
From: Gravenhurst, [Ontario]

My darling Mitherkins,

Your letter has just come also one from the consulting physician, giving me various directions and advice which Ruby and I think will be very helpful, and which we have decided to follow. The medicines we have found quite helpful so far.

Carrie and I saw the comet the other night but did not think it very interesting, very dull etc.

Yesterday I went to church as usual the weather was uncertain, however was tired of staying home. The result was it poured rain coming home and I got nicely wet, however nothing was hurt and my hat was thoroughly [?]. I'm afraid the family won't see much of church up here.

Saturday was lovely and warm but to-day [?] and wet. Ruby had two dinners from the asparagus. We just go on in the same old way nothing doing at all.

Certainly it would be just as well to rent a machine up here, did not think the crating would be so dear. I have a nightgown for Ruby, dressing jacket some underwear, [?] blouse or two, however, I could easily get 4 done in short time when family are here.

We have three irons here, they are not as smooth as might be but will do, they will get smoother with use. I can do my own dresses, expect Mary has plenty to do as I thought there were a couple of -- [sic] that were in the attic.

I have large bed in sitting room, another in bedroom a cot in room off kitchen (where C. has been sleeping ever since we came up by preference) a cot in dining room and another cot not in use can go in sitting room or where we prefer it. Do not worry about where beds will go. Have not said to Carrie how long she may stay, will arrange that after you & Edna come.

The shaker flannel would make a lovely jacket, one will be enough. Ruby likes them rather long, so expect it would take about four yards. The feather stitching would be quite pretty. Never mind anything else.

I have kept all bills for groceries, meat, milk and fancy they will be about the following:

Homer (grocer) $13.00
Passmore (butcher) $7.00
White (milk) $3.50


I have four dollars and a little more left, of course a great many things in the grocery line will not be needed for a long time. With much love from all.

Hilda B. McQuesten

1 Included with this letter were two postcards: Box 12-622 and Box 12-624.

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