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Letterhead: Grand Hotel

Box 12-687 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 22 1924 Tuesday
To: Calvin McQuesten [Foote's Bay, Muskoka, Ontario]
From: London, England W.C.2

My dear Calvin,

Very glad to receive your humourous letter with Mary's of July 11th yesterday morning just before we started for Westminster Hall. It was warm and rainy, till then had perfect weather, fine for Sunday. A magnificent choral service in St. Paul's where we had good reserved seats for we started early too. There saw the Gaulds with Mr. & Mrs. Thorburn rapturously greeted by the latter, Charlie standing quietly by. Afternoon same at Westminister but I rested. At 6:30 attended St. Columba, Dr. Arch. Fleming preached. After church wandered into St. Marten's in the Field which is just behind the Grand. Very magnificent old church. The Westminster Hall was somewhat disappointing, though the Canadian Bar would have been [fought?] along side the British, but that could not have been managed perhaps. We should have reached earlier, Tom did not realize that and we were held up on way by jam so we were about half-way down the Hall. Still we saw dignitaries as they marched up the aisle, most comical too, such homely old countenances in their wigs. Afterwards you pass up thro' the tiers of seats where the judges &c. sit and turning to the left enter the Houses of Parliament. By good luck we came on to a party conducted by Sir John Simm and saw everything and heard his careful & delightful explanation to curious and anxious, one whom asked "where does Lady Astor sit?" and was shown. It would take pages to describe. After lunch started off for the Tower. That is a most strenuous experience, but I accomplished it all thoroughly, took plenty of time to see the crown jewels and all the most beautiful Orders as displayed with medals, sceptres and gold plate &&c. Then we dropped into St. Bartholomew a very ancient church within a 'close.' All this is made possible by the taxis.

Am writing this in bed for I had to rest this morning while H. is out shopping & Tom gone to Woking Plain [on] business. So thankful to have kept so well & seen so much. There are daily entertainments, but we do not think it worth while to take in all being only one of a crowd. The nicest man we met is Mr. Martin of Epping. May put in cuttings, so keep my letters. Wonder how Edna regarded my trip. H. has just got in with box of strawberries! Must dress. [end of page, possibly end of letter]

[Enclosures, Box 12-689.] Two newspaper clippings, held together with a straight pin.

(1) [title only transcribed here, no date]:

"Women's Great Work.
Queen's Message on Empire Responsibilities."

(2) [title only transcribed here]

The Daily Mail, July 22, 1924.

"Welcome to U.S. Lawyers."
"Westminster Hall Splendour."
"Mr. Hughes and the 'Old Homestead.'"

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