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Box 12-702 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 24 1913
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton

My dearest Calvin,

I reached home last night from Binbrook safe and sound. It was raining then but we had had remarkably fine weather for our meetings. I had gone to Seneca Station and was met by a good woman who took me to her home and regaled me with a good dinner of chicken &c., then we drove four miles to the church. After the meeting was a tea party, then I was taken to the home of Miss Blaine, where I slept in comfort on a feather bed and was driven next morning to Binbrook Manse where Mr. and Mrs. Cook now reign. It is a nice new house and the meeting was held there. They are both very hearty kind people and there was quite a good gathering. Mrs. McBride is pretty feeble and not able to come, but Mrs. Donaldson and two daughters were there. After refreshments, Mr. Cook drove me four miles to Glanford Station and I reached here a little after seven.

The butter arrived and we will use it as Hilda advised. It seems to be an excellent arrangement to have the catechist feed and take care of the horse, and when the Spring comes perhaps we could engage someone to clean and feed it, for I am afraid we could not get on very well in the Summer without a horse. What day do you expect the Henrys? E.[Edna] writes of coming Tuesday but does not say if H.[Hilda] is coming.

It was sad to think of poor Chipman after his being so well. I am glad to know you had good congregations. I hope the tulips will turn out well, they ought to make a pretty show. It is just raining away, I am so thankful to have the meetings over. In one of my letters I asked if you had any of Dr. Dale's books, I saw in B.W. a special of books. Mary and I are going down to-night to see Florrie and Mrs. B., they leave next Wednesday. Tell H. to let me know at once what money she needs. With much love.

Your affectionate mother

[M.B. McQuesten]

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