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Box 12-732 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Nov 19 1913
To: Calvin McQuesten [?]
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton

My dear Calvin,

That was a terribly sudden taking off which came to Dr. Ross. Such a fearful blow for his wife and family! I always admired him greatly--more than you did I think--and enjoyed his preaching. On Sabbath morning we had Mr. McGillivray of St. John's, he spoke on "Ye shall receive power" a missionary sermon in which he brought forward very strong facts and statistics. We have the men and the money but we want power, for this we must awake God, dwelling on this very strongly. They say St. John's is full to overflowing. I think he has been going about to Laymen's meetings. We had a supper for our MacNab St. men on Monday night and J. A. Paterson was asked to speak so I thought I'd invite him to stay over night with us. He has had so much trouble and is so alone, poor fellow. He was quite pleased I think. Besides that on Monday we had Dr. and Mrs. Ferguson and their 5 year old boy to dinner. They are our missionaries in Formosa supported by St. Paul's congregation and Mrs. Ferguson was at Ottawa with Ruby and wrote me after her death, she loved her very much. We were delighted with them all and they enjoyed being with us, we gave them a good chicken dinner. Dr. F. said the little boy had eaten more than he ever saw him. Then yesterday we went up to have five o'clock tea with the Deanes, they had a fine time in the old country.

It has been raining and blowing all day. I was just delighted to hear of your being so well looked after, it is a kind Providence that sent these people. I did not think it worthwhile to bring poultry from Bracebridge. Poor Mr. Byers! Having to go to the country at this time of year. Heard from Mrs. Steele to-day. Poor Kilpatrick's daughter going to India, and a Miss Gardner.

Tom has acquired another clock, found it at Burrows. It had been brought out from Scotland and belonged to a Colonel Gardner who was killed in the battle of Preston Pass 1745. So it is about 200 yrs. old, it is called the Waggity-Wa. All the wheels are wooden and it hangs on the wall, the weights hanging down, but it ticks so loudly it has to be stopped at night. It has been a great source of amusement and it is quite an ornament to the hall and very interesting, it is quite worth the five dollars.

Mr. Paterson thought the meeting of our young men a fine one, he said at Bloor St. they have 1000 members but he doubted if they could have mustered such a number and there were only after all between 80 & 90. When you want to read the "Inside of the Cup" Tom has it, I have not had time to read it yet.

Tom is much pleased because a great plan for developing the West End, called the McKittrick Syndicate is going on, which will increase value of King St. property. By the way just the day before Mrs. Ferguson came, a story came to us, through a person writing the Turnbull's that Jean Ross was leading an awful life in Formosa, and that his relatives had a heathen feast because of the birth of a son. Mrs. Ferguson says it is all false, the baby is a girl, Jean has her own house (until recently next to Mrs. Ferguson's), his friends worship her and she is wonderfully happy. (Mrs. F. does not see how she can be but she is). But she also told us that her sisters-in-law are such weak poor little creatures and he is a very slight little fellow too. And she always felt it such a pity Jean had not married one of our own, the baby has the typical Chinese features. Well, I must close I hope you had a pleasant time at Presbytery.

My bed-room is lovely and I am beginning now to feel rested after the various excitements. If you find yourself continuing to have colds, you must not stand at the church door. With much love.

Your mother

[M.B. MccQuesten]

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