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Box 12-756 TO HILDA MCQUESTEN from Marion Robinson
Jun 22 1912
To: Hilda McQuesten Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 188 Dufferin Road Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Hilda,

I have been keeping your letter to answer on my machine when I would get time, and that has meant over two months delay. You would think from that that I have to work tremendously hard in the office, but I really don't. To-day my chief is out of town, so I take advantage of the spare moments.

I was very glad to have your letter and to hear your plans for the summer. Your mother and Mary will be on their way to Vancouver, or there, by this time I am sure they will enjoy the trip. I am glad about the money from your uncle-it will make things easier and pleasanter for you all. If I should be in the neighbourhood of Bracebridge this summer I will drop you a line, but I have made no plans at all for the summer so don't know what may happen.

We are fairly well settled in our new house which is just behind the Rideau Hall grounds. We have open fields belonging to the Hall in front of us, which makes it nice and airy. I am now however reconciled to living so far from town. It takes us 35 minutes to walk to the office, good fast walking too. We prefer to walk when it is at all possible, for we need the exercise and the cars are close unless they are open ones. We cannot go home for lunch, which I regret. We bring it with us, and Kath makes tea for us in her office, and we all go there at noon. A special friend of hers, Agnes Brown, who lives in Rockliffe, has lunch with us, so that makes it more fun.

I saw Jean McLaren this week and thought how very pretty she looks in black. Some people seem to look so very well in black. She had a pretty hat and altogether was good to look at. I am to call for her at school, which we pass on our way home, some day and take her for a walk. We have been getting summer dresses made the last week or two. Had a seamstress in for eight days and she made eight dresses. Wasn't that wonderfully fast work? Of course mother helped a good deal and did some finishing after she went. It has been so cool that we have not needed cotton dresses until now. I suppose you are through with your sewing by now. Are you all to go to Bracebridge, or will someone stay at home to look after Tom?

There does not seem to be much news to tell you. As usual, we are all very well. For weeks before we moved and after, we thought of nothing but things in the house. The river has been too swift for us to do any canoeing, though we had our canoe out for the first time the other evening and enjoyed it very much. It is a nice safe canoe-if they are ever really safe--and we used it so much last summer that we are quite at home in it. Will you have boating at Bracebridge? I am rather hazy as to whether it is on the water, but fancy there must be at least a river available. You must tell me all about the manse and the church and how Mr. Calvin likes it. How does he manage for a housekeeper? I suppose you could not be spared from home to act in that capacity permanently.

Please remember me to Mr. Tom and to Edna. With love to yourself,

From, Marion Robinson

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