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Box 12-777 TO EDNA MCQUESTEN from Lillie G. James
Dec 14 1914
To: Miss Edna McQuesten 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario
From: 15 Woodlawn Avenue West Toronto, [Ontario]

My dear Edna,

Thank you for your most interesting letter which I am answering the first opportunity I have had. Nell was quite anxious to see your letter for she was on hand when it came and of course recognised your handwriting. But mysteries are permissable at Christmas so just told her it was my private business. We heard of Callie's call to Quebec and as Willie has visited the illustrious burg he was specially interested. He says Calvin is a very good reciter of "habitant" poems and he thought he would get on very well among the people there. One man he met was outstandingly pleasant and left a very good impression of the people of that place. About the beads, to go back to your letter. I think it was Hilda who sent Nell a set of beautiful blue Venetian beads which she has worn more often than any other. No squaw could have more beads than she has--pearl, amber, red and pink coral as well as the Venetian--only the squaw would put them on all at once. She says she is "fond of beads" and no one would doubt it who knew her only now you will be glad your tender heart met the longings of Pickle Glassco.

Mother was very nearly laid out, through chasing Murray's bargains. She came home triumphantly to announce that anyway she had bought out all Murray's underwear! She had almost 16 pieces all told, bought half price and I don't think anyone else had a look in, at all, for she put them all over her arm and sought out a sales girl. Mother has not lost any of her war spirit, has she?

We had a Seventh Day Adventist come around selling books but I have yet to meet a Christadelphian. What do they believe anyway? They are more wholesome than Millenial Dawnites who don't believe in giving their dead decent burial and who sell their looks under the name of the Bible Society to poor innocent humans. What won't some people swallow. Did you ever hear of the answer of the little boy to the question of "where is the home of the swallow? Please teacher the stummick!"

I think Mary was most fortunate in getting home so quickly even amid discomfort and I don't suppose she would be without her experience for a good deal. Mr. Gzowski had to send at great expense a special messenger after his daughter who happened to be in France and she lost all her luggage. She saw it calmly reposing amid a pile of others and nothing could be done as there was no man available with authority. Perhaps her foreign name made it more difficult for her now I am concluding. I believe Nell would love a pair of gloves as you suggest, only, I think it is too much for you to give her, and I know she would think so, too. Of all difficult things Christmas giving is the limit. Willie bought his own present for us to give him but that isn't a decent Christian way of doing the business. With very much love to you all especially giving your dear Mother a kiss for me.

Your loving friend

Lillie G. James

(Solon the 2nd?)

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