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Nov 6 1829
From: Brunswick Maine


The annual course of Lectures at this Institution will commence on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 1830, and will continue three months, under the direction of the following gentlemen, viz:-

JOHN DELAMATER, M.D. Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic.

JOHN D. WELLS, M.D. Professor of Anatomy and Surgery.

JAMES MCKEEN, M.D. Professor of Midwifery.

PARKER CLEAVELAND, M.D. Professor of Chemistry and Materia Medica.

The fees for admission to the Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Physic, are $15. Chemistry and Materia Medica, $15. Anatomy and Surgery, $15. Midwifery, $5. Graduating fee, including diploma, $10. There is no matriculation fee.

Medical Degrees are conferred at the close of the Lecture term in May, and at the following commencement of the College, in September.

Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, are examined by the faculty of Medicine at the termination of the Course of Lectures. The requisites for examination are, a good moral character, three years’ study (including the time devoted to Lectures,) under the direction of a regular practitioner of medicine, and an attendance on two full courses of Medical Lectures, the last of which must have been at this institution. Before receiving a degree, the candidate must pass a satisfactory examination in Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Surgery, Midwifery, and the Theory and Practice of Physic, and must publicly read and defend a Dissertation on some medical subject. Those candidates, who have not received a collegiate education, must satisfy the Faculty of their proficiency in the Latin Language, and in Natural Philosophy.

The Anatomical Cabinet, which was selected and purchased in Europe, is valuable and extensive, and is constantly receiving additions.

The Library, which is also continually increasing, contains about 2500 volumes, principally modern works, which have been selected with much care- among these is a splendid collection of Plates, to which the Students will have access.

The Chemical and Philosophical apparatus is ample, and furnishes means for full courses of Lectures on these subjects.

Neither pains nor expense will be spared to make the course of instruction full and satisfactory.
N.B. Medical pupils can board in the Commons Hall at a very reasonable price.

By direction of the President,
BRUNSWICK, Me Nov. 6, 1829.

1 Dr. Calvin McQuesten graduated from Bowdoin with a medical degree in 1830 (Minnes 1).

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