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Nov 21 1826
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten
From: Brunswick Maine

Brunswick Nov. 21st 1829
Friend McQuesten,1

I am in doubts whether I have answered your last note and more than that, as I told you I should be in Boston a year--I was fearful you would send your letters there--I came home at 6am and shall not return until spring--I had a fine place, saw much practice and had a number of obstetrical cases, however, I did not yet "hiked over"--saw quite a number of Surgical operations at the Hospital &c &c--but I was so interrupted that I could not study & concluded to join the class to remain until [?]--we have had about a dozen-recruit to McNeen in Mat Med Theory and Practice and much further in Chem. I & we have Dr. Chancy of Portsmouth N.H. a young man lately returned from Europe to repeat a lecture to us, as Dr. Wells has gone to deliver a course at Baltimore. Dr. G. has just returned from Pittsfield where he has been finishing Dr. Wells lectures--Dr. Co has $3000 for his course, early this fall--he will finish in Feby [sic] we shall no doubt have a larger class next spring than last--pray--where shall we "poor D-L" go to? They are large every where this year--I am very busy reviewing & preparing for that finery ordeal & before which tribunal we shall have to show ourselves next May--if I am successful I shall make my stopping place at one of the dispensarys in Boston--and then when I can find suitale lodging shall [?] my course for that lucky place & "hand out shingle" Please show this circular to all Med. Pupils and Physicians & if you are acqainted with any Editors of papers, perhaps it would be well to send a circular or make a communication, which should contain all the principle parts in the circular and insert it as a communication and not as an advertisement--please send me the said paper if you should insert a notice--Preceptor Bailey!! has given me power to let his room for $12.00 and find all but wood to two clever and steady fellows. I make the first offer to you--Mrs Pierce has bought Melcher's house directly opposite & had it all made new & is now a handsome home and has now two Med Students and will have 14 next spring--the whole of the front for them & as many as 50 come at least com I [?] in [?]--the average at commercial was not at $1.00--Partridge is charging $15.00 at Inero Cape Cod--Mays at Starwick Map Ellis at Boston!! Woodward at Franklin Court. [?] to Ohio, [?] at Newfield Me, Anderson at Windham Me, Plant, Baldwin Me, Dr. W.B. Pike and Ethan C. Ward have left the state of single [?]---yes--a female! a female! Taken till preparing here for winter--Dr. Holden Charles Packed and a host of them all getting an additional quantity of [?] for the purpose of [??] in our cold winter nights--female heart--we have given Rev. George E. Lidanous of [?] serving a call to settle--a fine man I shall expect a long letter from my friend [??] a letter to Dr. [?] I reminded him of his [?]--all wish to be remembered to you. Excuse errors and writing- M.P.B.

Single Paid M.P.B. PAID 12 1/2
To Mr. Calvin McQuesten
Student in Medicine
(New Hampshire)

If Mr.McQ. is not in to, the Post Master will please forward it to Mr. McQuesten.

1 For more information on McQuesten family members mentioned in these letters, go to the Home Page, click on Family and then on that person's picture. For others do a search on the name to find other information.

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