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Mar 1 1915

Box 14-002
Order of Prayer: (March 1915 to September 1924)

Lord's Prayer
Prayer Cycle
War and the poor
To wipe the Liquor Traffic off the Map Mar. 25, Especially Quebec and Dominion Apr. 4, Apr. 11, Buckingham.
Special Matters

Box 14-003

For Congregation:

Outpouring of Holy Spirit
That they may be truly converted
."......"......".... learn to pray
."......"......"... take interest in Missions
."......"......"... work for prohibition
."......"......"... stand for righteousness and help fellows

Box 14-004

Sabbath School:

Outpouring of holy Spirit
That teachers and officers be fully consecrated and learn to pray Mar. 13/16
"...... Boys and Girls may give themselves to Christ
"......."........"....."...... learn to pray and read Bible
Nov 8/15, Mr. Bryant and his boys (he and they talk of giving up)
Apr. 10/16 To pray for SS
Apr. 11 Help to find way of relieving Bryant
Apr. 14, That Mr. Kenney may arrange relief before May.

Box 14-011

Family--Each by name:

That they may know Him intimately for salvation.
Thanks for Mother Apr. 8/16
That I may not disappoint her
That E. [Edna] I may be healed
Miss R. April 14/16 that she may come back
Feb. 12/16, Miss S.
Apr. 10, T [Tom] may go [enlist], Apr. 11, That Mother and E. [Edna] may tell him so.

Box 14-013

For Self:

Baptism of Spirit for:
-Prayer, (Jan 19/16 instead of mooning) (Apr.1/16 Without ceasing)
-Steady and industrious habits
-Help & guidance for this day
-That sermons may be such as count for Christ's Kingdom
-That visiting may accomplish religious end For wise management of finances
-W. (Mar.20/16)

Mar. 27, Help to get up to-morrow at 6:30 (Nov. 9)
Apr. 1, That Christ may live in me
.".. 18 That I may bring forth fruit especially in personal work
.".. 19 That I may be kept from reading fiction


Mar. 15, For health - Apr. 11 to understand myself
April 2 Self-control
.."... 7 An adequate income
.."... 7 Sleep
.."... 11Guidance re Prayer Cycle
..."... 11 ."...........".. The Christ of the Common People
.."... 11 ."............".. Teachers' meet at Manse
.."... 11 Bid to go fishing with A. W.
.."... 11 Guidance re arranging prayer plan on birthday
See page 24
That He may be with me every moment
What has He to say to me?

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