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Jan 1 1919 [approximate date]

Box 14-040

Watchwords for 1919:

Jan 1 "Arise, shine; for the light is come."
........... Isaiah 60.1
"Continuing instant in prayer."
........... Romans 12.12

Box 14-041

Order of Prayer:

Friday only

Tuesday specially

Sunday only

Wednesday only

Saturday specially

Monday specially
Bible or Daily Light
Lord's Prayer
Prayer Cycle Topics for the date

Peoples and Governments
Peace Conference and League of Nations

Men in the Army
Men in the Sanatorium [sic]

The Church of Christ
The Forward Movement

McNab Street -- Congregation
........................ --Elder's District
........................ -- Sunday School
........................ -- Bible Class


Special Matters



Box 14-042

Peoples & Governments

Friday only

"If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." ... John 8.36

That Christ may reign & be glorified; that peoples and governments alike may realize their dependence on god, may acknowledge Him, and have faith and courage to do right.

That all classes may seek and find a fairer method of distribution of the means of living.

That the movement for pensions for widows with children may spread and succeed.

[On facing page, opposite above text:
May 27 Ontario Bill passed]

That He will move men to wipe the liquor traffic off the map.

[On facing page,opposite above text:
Jan. 16 36th State carries Federal Prohibition making it law.
."...". Hearst announces Ont. Govt. to take over sale.
June 10/20 Ref. Date fixed for Oct. 25 to prevent imp. to Ont.]

That mad revolution and murder may give place to constitutional democracy.

For Russia, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Britain.

That in Canada capable leaders, in whom the Spirit of God is may be raised up and receive support.

Box 14-043

Peace Conference and League of Nations:

Friday only

That God the All Powerful will control the peace conferences; that governments and representatives may look to God for guidance, and unselfishly seek to establish peace on a foundation of justice and righteousness, giving liberty to the little peoples.

[On facing page, opp. above text:
June 28 Peace signed and League of Nations provided for.]

That a League of Nations may be set up for the maintenance of peace and the just settlement of disputes.

Box 14-044

For our Men in the Army:


That they may know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. That they may find the employment best suited to each and be enabled to lead useful and happy lives.

That our leaders, political, educational, industrial and commercial may ask and receive divine direction in the great tasks of reconstruction and settlement of returned men.

Box 14-045

Men in the Army:


Especially do I ask Thy Blessing upon:-
-Ed. Jeffrey
-Murray Jeffrey
-Walter Jeffrey
-Ted Ward
-Billy Kinsey
-Stanley Dickie
-Col. O'Donahue & 77th
-Jim Welsford
-Alec Emmett
-Wilson Lenaghan
-Harold Lenaghan
-Gerald Munro
-Hubert Hughes
-Fred Wolland
-Ernest Stewart
-Arthur Chisholm
-Roy MacLaren
-Norman MacLaren
-Douglas Bothwell
-Capt. Butter & the 12th Brigade
-Harry Ellis
-Gordon Glendinning
-Gordon Culham
-Douglas Culham
-Neil Van Nostrand [opp. page: Mar. Home from Holland]
-Emily Colquhoun
-Gourlay Colquhoun
-Price Montague
-Hugh Fletcher
-Hugh Wardrope
-Graham Robertson
-Jim Dunn
-Willie Gentle
-John McKee
-Roy Williams
-Luther Sawyer Hope
-Sandford English
-Norman Leslie2
-Louis Mackenzie
-Feb 27 Harry Horne

Box 14-046

Men in the Sanatorium:

Tuesday specially

That they may know Christ in the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings.

That they may be healed.

That I may be given the Word of Life for each, and find ways of making the riches of the Gospel available for them.

Help me to preach the Cross to them.

Sept. 17 Guidance in new duties, weekday mtg. [crossed out] [opposite to above: Nov. 20 Started with 8 men quite interested]
Apr. 19 Guidance for Bird Club.[crossed out]
Nov. 7 Guidance about asking Betty to go to San.
[opposite to above: Nov. 14 Betty is glad to go. Started Nov. 22]
Nov. 23 Bless Betty Jackson in this work.

Box 14-047
Men in the Sanatorium:

[lists of names and notations of date of death or date gone home]

Box 14-048

Staff At Sanatorium:

That they may learn to abide in Christ, and realize that without Him they can do nothing.

That I may be used to help them to know Him.

Feb.27 That they may arrange for hot meals.
[opp. to above:
Arrived May 27
Apr. 9 Board decided last night to buy 3 for them.]

Apr. 8 For bird-books for them.

Dr. Holbrook

Mrs. Snider

Miss Fallis

The Nurses

Capt. Boyle Hedley & Keough [line crossed out]

Dr. Morgan

Dr. Kale [crossed out] Bray

Dr. Henderson

Box 14-049

The Church of Christ:

Sunday only

For the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the ministers and people, that they may be truly converted and consecrated; that they may set themselves to pray and to feed upon the Word of God; that Christ may live in them, and loyalty to Him be the ruling passion of their lives; that the Church may stand for righteousness and helpfulness; and that it may pray and work and give for missions as never before.

That the Church in Hamilton may be awakened and quickened.

For the success of the Forward Movement.

That I may be shown my part and enabled to do it.

Box 14-052

Continuation of F.M.
[Forward Movement?]

Nov. 5 Guidance in plans for Organization
.."..5 That right men be chosen for Lookout Committee, Gow & Vine?
..".. 20 That Lookout Committee may be guided.
Nov. 3 That D. Mitchell be director.

[Opposite page:]

Nov. 7 Gow & Vine chosen
Nov. 7 A. Lyle appt. temporarily, but E.D. put in request [?].

Box 14-054

The Sunday School


Box 14-055

My Bible Class:

Saturday specially

That I may be enabled by the Spirit to lead them into Christ, and to build them up in our most holy faith.

May 7 That they may be led by the Spirit to confess Christ by uniting with the Church, and that I may be guided to this end. What work can we do?

Oct. 31 That they may be inspired of Spirit to make the survey. Would it be better to go directly into the Church?

[line crossed out]

June 15 That Mother may suggest having them at Whitehern.

Oct.31 That there may be a full attendance to-day and henceforth

Nov.20 Guidance about [?illegible]

What shall I do for them?

Box 14-056

My Bible Class:

That they may know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

[List of names]

Box 14-057


M.R., H.R., K.R.. That they may be truly converted and learn to know Jesus Christ as the lover of their souls.

Georgian Mackenzie, Norman & Florence.

The MacCallums

The McKerachers

M.H. & J.H.

Harold Palmer Apr. 1 that he may have a good crop.

Andrew Glendinning

Mrs. Hines that she may find a friend in Jesus [line crossed out]

[opp. to above: May 26/20 died]

Noulan Cauchon that he may know Jesus Xt. What can I do?

V.& M.R.

[Opp. to above: Nov. 2/20 led to invite M.R. to F.B.C.]

Mac Glassco

Sept. 1 I.T. That Christ may be all in all to her, and to serve Him the supreme determination of her life.

Nov. 20 That I may be used in this.

What shall I do?

Box 14-058

Special Matters:

Italian Mission

May 20 Increase in Foreign Mission Budget.

Sept. 15 For success of Referendum.

What will Thou have me to do?

[Opposite page:]

Sept. 15 God gave me the idea of linking F.B.C. to it.

Nov. 22 C.A. Fortunaro being available is to come[?]

Apr. 18/21 Importation prohibited. Ont. "bone dry"

Box 14-060


Monday specially

I Tim. 5.8 "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel."

Thanks for all of them--Father, Ruby, Muriel.

[Thanks for} harmonious happy family life.

Pray for each by name & Alice that they may know Christ intimately, and the joy of His Salvation.

That Mother may get more comfort [Apr. 2 happiness] from her religion, and learn to trust thee, and understand Edna & me Nov. 21.

Oct. 10 That Edna may be healed and enjoy peace of mind in Jesus Christ & family may not make remarks.

July 12, Operation successfully performed.

Oct. 26 Happy at Guelph.

That I may be enabled to help Tom & others in religious reading.

For guidance about family worship.

Oct. 19 That family may be led to do best thing for Edna, by praying daily about it.

Oct. 22 Edna taken to Guelph.

That I may be more thoughtful for them.

What can I do for them to-day?

Box 14-062



Confession. Where have I been at fault?

That I may be kept from sin--in tho't, word & deed.

That Christ may live in me & I in Him.

That I may be filled with the Holy Spirit for–
-Daily blessing from the Word.

9/2/30 for Others Prayer (not morning communion) continuing instant in prayer.

That I may learn to appropriate blessings.

More faith

Power, Control, & Concentration.

Purity–Feb. 12–No compromise in thought.

Steady & industrious Habits.

That I may be guided in my reading & may read only such fiction as I am led to plan in morning program.

Help to get to bed early & up to-morrow morn.

Sufficient sleep-Quietness of Spirit.

For Health & wisdom in taking care of it.

For an adequate income, and that I may manage my finances rightly.

Choose thou for me. I 26/8.

What shall I do to-day? For a speedy & generous response.

Nov. 7 Thanks for continued victory.

Oct. 9 Thanks that He has ....for weeks.

Oct. 9 Thanks for nearly 2 months of victory even in thought.
[Many date entries on one line]

June 16 Thanks for continued help July 9.
[Many date entries on one line]

Sept. 7 Birch arranged for 50cts. a day. Dec. 30 assured of $90.

June 1920 "I have given thee the desire of they heart."

Oct. 22 I have given thee this to be.

...... 25 I [have] given h. h. to thee.

Feb. 1 That A. G. Glendinning may pay me the $50. He borrowed quickly as soon as he can without hardship.

Sept. 14/20 That I may receive my full share of this year's crop.

What shall I do?

Sept. 15 That He will direct choice of Rep. Elder.

Nov. 18 For financial relief by to-morrow noon.

Nov. 24 Guidance about Chataqua work.

Help and guidance for to-day.
What for Thee to-day?
What for Others to-day?
Be with me every moment.

What hast Thou to say to me?

Sept. 17 C. McQ. appointed

Nov. 19 Had to borrow $10 from Matheson who offered it.

..".. 22 Received $20 from [?] San Fund.

Box 14-063


That I may bring forth fruit-
-in personal work
-in preaching Jesus Christ (teaching 10/3)
- in writing

That I may remember to pray about all work offered, before deciding.

That my preaching may be such as to count for Christ's Kingdom.

For guidance in choosing work.

[For guidance] Inspiration & diligence.

For help in concentrating on "The King of Fighting Men,"1 and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Feb. 27 That I may be enabled to visit Foreign Missions & write about them.

May 20 Book of Missionary Illustrations.

Jan. 21/20 Book of Prayer.

Lord What will you have me to do?

1 At this time, Calvin was working on his book "King of Fighting Men," in which he compares the life of Jesus to that of a soldier. The Table of contents of Calvin's book can be found with letter W-MCP2-3b.035.

For chapter 1, see Box 04-028.

For chapter 2, see Box 04-029.

For chapter 3, see Box 04-030.

For chapter 4, see Box 04-031.

For chapter 5, see Box 04-031.

For chapter 6, see Box 04-033.

The rest of the manuscript can be located in the archives at the Whitehern museum.

2 Following is a list of some of the letters (in our archive) from Dr. Norman Leslie to his friend Thomas Baker McQuesten about his war service in WWI from 1914 to 1918. The letters begin on the ship going over to England and continue through his service there and as surgeon in France in the trenches, which he describes graphically. For the full chronological list see:
Box 14-018
Box 14-040

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