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Jan 1 1923 date estimated--year accurate
To: Calvin's diary Whitehern Hamilton, Ont
From: Whitehern


Box 14-064 (P.121) Order of Devotion:

(P.122) Peoples & Governments:
Friday only: "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow!,and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord" Phil. 2:10,11.
That peoples and governments alike may realize their dependance on God, may acknowledge Him as Sovereign, and have faith and courage to do right.
That all classes may seek and find fairer methods of distribution of the means of living.
That rich and poor may have more sympathy with each other.
That He will move men to wipe Liquor Traffic off the map.
That in Canada men in public office, Dom. Prov. and Municipal may be true to His Guidance, and that more capable leader, men in whom the Spirit of God is more, be raised up and supported.

Box 14-066 (P.124) The League of Nations:

Box 14-067
(P.126) The Church of Christ:
For unity. For Church Union in Canada and guidance in bringing it about.
Spoke to Mrs. Baxter & Hogarth re Olivet & found they were going to apply to Meth. Conf....for man. That the Church in Hamilton may be awakened & quickened.
What shall I do?

Box 14-070
(P.134) Bible Class:
That I may be enabled by the Spirit to lead them into Christ' land to build them up in our most holy faith.
That they may be lead to confess Christ by visiting with the Church and that I may be guided to this end.
What work can we do?
That I may be allowed to invite them to the house.
For direction in getting new recruits
That they may all attend regularly–to-day.
What shall I do for them?

Box 14-071
(P.136-138) Bible Class:
[Lists of names]

Box 14-072
(P.140) Friends in Sanatorium:
(P.148) Family:
Monday especially
That Mother may get more comfort & happiness from her religion.
That Edna may be healed and enjoy peace of mind in Christ Jesus.
That I may be more thoughtful for them.
What shall I do for them to-day?

Box 14-074
(P.150& 151) Myself: [Prayers]
June 2, Noon, Idea of McQuesten This Life-buoy cushion came to me, note made, M. G. to make model.
June 2, 12:55 Peterboro Canoe Co. to mfcture [sic] it.
June 2, 1:00 p.m. There are millions in the thing.
[see sketch in photos of life-vest]

Box 14-075
(P.152) Work:
For guidance that I may bring forth faith in personal work.
In teaching, preaching, writing Jesus Christ.
That I may remember and pray about all work offered, before deciding.
That my preaching may be such as to consent for Christ’s Kingdom.
For guidance in choosing work. "inspiration and guidance"
For help in concentrating on "The King Of Fighting Men," and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.[the book that he was writing]
Book on Prayer--Teach me.
That I may be enabled to visit Foreign Missions and write about them.
Lord, what will thou have me do?

Box 14-076
(P.154 & 155) Work: continued
Apr. 23
What shall I do about Church Union?
Wrote letter to Hamilton papers replying to Anti-Union meetings.
June 6
Guidance re publicity for Tom.
What about using Globe?
July 26 For help in selling Chevrolet well.
That Morrison may not sponge on me.
Sept. 11/24
For guidance ab't Life Preservers.
Help & guidance for to-day.
What for Thee to-day?
What for Others to-day?
Be with me every moment.
What hast Thou to say to me?

1 A few dates are mentioned, April, June, September, and the year, 1923. These box no.'s have been recorded here under the first one: Box 14-064 Box 14-066 Box 14-067 Box 14-070 Box 14-071 Box 14-072 Box 14-074 Box 14-075 Box 14-076

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