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Apr 15 1876

Sure remedy in chordee,1
Sure "cure" for Chordee.

"Chordee is a fearful thing" was the salutation I received one evening in Feby [sic] 1875 as a patient entered my office. "I have had it nearly a week; no sleep at night, no peace during the day, anything and everything gives me the- chordee and you must be a pretty doctor not to be able to stop it." Medication had been tried with only partial relief for a few moments leaving him most of the time in acute and severe pain. While thus berated for my ignorance a happy thought came to me from a remark made, and immediately I assured him that I could give relief. So taking out my atomizer a few times pressing on the bulb gave assurance that I had conquered the case,- of course I was very careful not to allow dary of the spray to touch the gland, which is very important if one does not wish to find the remedy worse than the disease. He had a fair nights sleep; in the morning I gave him a little rhigolene2 to use in his perfumery atomizer during the day. In the evening he assured me he was all right now, two minutes application of the spray giving hours of relief.

Thus I claim that I have added one more example of how useful the commonest things we posses may be made when the idea "strikes" us.
April 27th, 1876

Would sign my name in full but do not like to see it in print-
C.B. McQuesten 3
213 E. 55th St.
April 15th, 1876

1 Chordee is a medical condition in which the penis is abnormally curved, sometimes causing pain. The patient is either born with a defect in the urethra causing chordee, or it can be contracted through an infection such as gonorrhea. (Source: Wikipedia).

2 Rhigolene is a volatile petroleum spirit related to benzene & liqroin. The terms petroleum, ether, and naptha are sometimes applied to the still more volatile products including rhigolene, gasoline, cymogene, etc. (Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913). It is to be hoped that the patient would not be smoking at the time of this volatile application.

3 For more information and a brief bio. of Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten go to the Home Page, click on Family and then on his photo.

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