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Box 14-132 DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN: Contract for McQuesten, Janes & Company.
Oct 1 1835

Articles of copartnership made this the first day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty five between Calvin McQuesten, Priam B. Hill of Brockport, John Fisher of La Grange and Joseph S. Janes of Hamilton Upper Canada. It is agreed by and between the said parties to these presents that they form and constitute a copartnership in the Furnace business, and manufacturing various kinds of Castings at Hamilton U.C. under the name, style, and firm of McQuesten, Janes & Company.

The property of said firm is divided into four equal parts, or shares, one to each partner.

The village Lot purchased by Joseph S. Janes (on which the building is erected for a Furnace and shop) & the building together with all the appurtenances there-unto belonging is the property of said firm.

The said firm shall pay to Calvin McQuesten lawful interest on the five hundred & twenty five dollars, which he has already advanced, and each of the said copartners shall receive like interest on what he may advance for the use of said firm.

It is agreed by and between the said copartners that Joseph S. Janes and John Fisher, shall devote their whole time and attention to the management of the business of said concern, and shall do the business in a prudent, judicious, and discreet manner, and shall receive for their services, out of the funds of said firm, the sum per year, that shall be hereafter agreed upon annually by the voice of the firm.

The said copartnership shall continue for the full term of seven years from the date hereof unless sooner dissolved, by a majority of voices of sd. [sic] firm.

Each of the said copartners, shall pay in for the use of said firm, the sum of two thousand dollars when called for, which will make in all a capital of eight thousand dollars.

It is agreed that each share shall be entitled to one voice for every one hundred dollars, paid in for the use of the firm, until the full sum of two thousand dollars on each share shall be paid and no share shall be entitled to more than twenty voices.

The said McQuesten is to have the priviledge of purchasing from said Hill, his share in the concern (if they can agree) which will entitle him to two shares or one half of said concern, which will give him the priviledge of as many voices, as both the remaining partners in proportion to the amount of Capital paid in.

The said copartners agree to share equal in the profit or loss of said concern.

In witnefs [sic] whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals day and year first above written
Calvin McQuesten
Priam B. Hill
John Fisher
Joseph S. Janes

[Inserted at a later date]

We hereby acknowledge the fulfilment [sic] of the above article and a division of the profits according to an article of Copartnership between us made and concluded this fourteenth day of April One thousand Eight hundred and forty three
Calvin McQuesten
John Fisher

[Inserted at a later date]

For and in consideration of the sum of Seventy five dollars I have this day sold to Calvin McQuesten all my right title & interest in the above & within articles of Copartnership together with all my right title & interest in a certain Lot of Land purchased by Joseph S. Janes on which the Furnance & shop of McQuesten, Janes & Co. is situated is being in the Village of Hamilton, Upper Canada. Witnefs my hand and seal
Dated at Brockport, Jan 25, 18361,
Priam B. Hill

Oct 1, 1835

1 Noted: dates of the written additions not in chronological order

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