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Box 15-016 Rev. Calvin McQuesten presents a Bible Book Daily Light to Jean Fleck at Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium
Dec 25 1936 Christmas Day
To: Jean Fleck Jean Fleck Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium Ontario
From: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium Ontario

Kathy Thompson (nee Laird) wishes to donate this book to Whitehern Museum. The book was found by Kathy Thompson's mother, Elizabeth (Betty) Laird (nee Fleck). It belonged to Betty's mother, Jean Fleck, who resided at a house for many years located at Ferguson and Jackson streets in Hamilton. Jean Fleck died in January 2002 at the age of 99. Rev. Calvin McQuesten (Chaplain of the San) presented the book to Jean Fleck while she and her family were all patients at the Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium.

The little red book: Daily Light on the Daily Path is entitled as a "Devotional Text Book for Every Day in the Year." It has a clear dust cover (now yellowed). It is published in London, Samuel Bagster & Sons Limited, 35 Paternoster Row, E.C. New York, James Pott & Co. (no date). The book measures 7cm x 11cm, is red, likely leather, and bound with gold leaf on the edges. It is in a box entitled "Daily Light" which is just slightly larger than the book. The box may have been white originally but is now a cream colour.

This book was given to Jean Fleck by Rev. Calvin McQuesten at Christmas, 1936, when she was a patient at the Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium. It has an inscription from Rev. Calvin McQuesten on the inside front page, which reads:

"Whitehern, Xmas, 1936 To Jean Fleck, wishing her and hers many years of health & happiness, in the love of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
With the sincere regards of her friend and chaplain, Calvin McQuesten."

The book belonged to Kathy Thompson's grandmother, Jean Fleck, to whom the book was inscribed by Rev. Calvin McQuesten for Christmas 1936. The Bible book was given to her at a time of grieving between the death of Jean's youngest son Alexander Fleck, on May 30, 1935 at the home for infants on Caroline Street South; and the death of her husband John Fleck who died April 12, 1936 at the Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium. Jean's daughter, Elizabeth (Betty) Fleck recovered well but her other son James' condition was more severe and he remained at the San until 1938. He recovered but continued to have respiratory troubles all his life. He died in 1985 of Farmers' Lung Disease and possible complications from the original TB scars on the lungs. Betty died Feb 23, 2013.

In the book: Chedoke: More than a Sanatorium, there is an account of the Fleck family written by Betty Laird (nee) Fleck. The book was written by Ralph Holland Wilson; Editor, Robert Williamson (2006). Chapter Eight is written by (Elizabeth) Betty Laird (nee Fleck), who is the daughter of Jean Fleck. The chapter relates the family story of "Tragedy, Courage and Survival" about the various members of the family and their stay at the Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium. The book contains a photo of Jean Fleck with young daughter Betty, and another photo of Jean Fleck dressed in black, when mourning her son, 1935 (p. 75, 76).

Kathy Thompson gave this book to Patricia Saunders, a member of the Hamilton Historical Board, to be donated to Whitehern Museum. Patricia Saunders subsequently gave the book to Dr. Mary Anderson, who is the liaison for Whitehern Museum with the Hamilton Historical Board. The book is donated to Whitehern Historic House and Garden in the name of Kathy Thompson with this history attached.

1 This artefact was donated to Whitehern Historic House and Garden in 2013, by Kathy Thompson in her grandmother's name, Jean Fleck, who received the Bible book from Rev. Calvin McQuesten during "Xmas 1936" when he was the Chaplain of the Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium (San).

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