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W-MCP1-3a.004 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Hilda McQuesten
Mar 7 1896
To: Calvin McQuesten 100 1/2 Brunswick Avenue Toronto, Ontario
From: Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Old Man,

Mater says I have to write the dear little boy a letter. This morning I went down to the station to see Miss Sinclair off. She is the missionary from Indore and is perfectly lovely, when she goes back in October; she is going to send me a picture of the children in her school. Some of them are perfect little imps. One Sunday morning when she was going into the city (their school is about three miles from Indore), she left the children for they themselves hold a service, the girls taking turns in preaching. They are all very fond of preaching and can repeat chapter by chapter from the Bible, for they are very bright and intelligent. Well, in her return home they all rushed in to to meet her saying they had had a lovely sermon. She inquired who preached and they said Martha. Now Martha was one of the most mischiefous [sic] girls in the school, so Miss Sinclair wondered very much. Then the girls said that she had pounded and pounded on the table, it was beautiful, beautiful they said. Then there was another youngster who was always laughing and talking. One day Miss Sinclair who had repeatedly told her she would have to be punished if she did not stop. This girl still kept on till Miss Sinclair sent her to her room to eat her dinner by herself and remain there. After awhile Miss S. went up to her and began talking to her when suddenly the little imp said doesn't it say in the Bible "there is a time for laughing" and when would it be a better time to laugh when it is only three weeks before Christmas. When the girls get angry at one another they always quote texts from the Bible especially from Revelations and other texts to suit the occasion.

The Farce and Concert came off at the Collegiate Thursday evening and was splendid success although as usual some could not get in. I am sending you the programme so you can see who took part. Ethel O'Dell was perfectly splendid she and Mr. Young being the principal performers. The Vox was read by the Editor D. MacIlwraith, who reads very distinctly. Miss Silver and U. DeWitt got some lovely hits for these two are very intimate. DeWitt goes home with her every Friday evening from the lectures; he went home with her Thursday evening .We got out at half past eleven , and she lives at the corner of Strachan and John St. DeWitt lives farther west than Queen Street. So I sincerely hope he enjoyed his walk.

Mr. Thompson has been seriously ill for about a week so the students sent him a bunch of flowers Thursday evening with their regrets at his not being able to be with them. Mary has been using her complexion brush so accordingly her face is like a boiled lobster. There is a new fellow up at the school and the boys say he is an L.L.D. He is a great freak; he wears spectacles, one eye light green, and the other dark blue. I suppose his eyes are different colors. His clothes smell as if he lived in a barn, he wears a black fedora only it looks like a sunshade, it is covered with mud. So altogether he is a sight to behold. I am going to the James' for tea tonight so I can't write any more for I have practising and singing to get in before six. Hope you are better and not studying too hard. With love.

Yours lovingly


[Enclosed with letter:]

Dear Cally,

Am sending down the children's Serges to be cleaned at Smiths. Am going to ask Jim just to leave the parcel but if he does not you will have to take it. I will send a note with it giving all directions and will have it sent to you to bring home.

Yours with love.

M.B. McQuesten

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