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W-MCP1-3a.008 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN, ESQ., L.L.B. from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
May 11 1908
To: Thomas McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St. Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Tom,

Was very pleased to send the violets, as I like to have you remember people of that sort, old people who are very often overlooked. The weather was so cool and wet, that the violets lasted longer than usual and are not gone yet. The gardener was here on Friday and we utilized the sod taken up at end of clothes yard to make the border, in replacing sod border in the front, where it had grown thin, which is a great improvement. There was a very pretty plum tree in Edna's garden, which never had any fruit, and at her suggestion Vossen is going to graft some yellow plums on it, and it could be moved next year into the front, if we wish. On Friday had a great feast of asparagus, which Mary found, though only enough for myself.

Ruby went up to Mrs. Thomson's this morning and stayed for lunch, I hope we shall not have return of the cold East wind till her throat gets a little better, she is to go to Dr. Arnott twice a week now to have it sprayed. I am thinking that Ancaster ought to be high and dry and we have some hope of getting a place with one Mrs. Clark's daughters who is married to Dr. Farmer. From what we hear she could have quite a pleasant time as they all have horses.

I was reckoning up the various things I must really try to pay off this month, and I wonder if you could help me with five or ten dollars about the 21st of this month. If it is not convenient never mind I will manage some other way. I am very glad E. [Edna] did not come on Saturday as there might have been a crowd.

Did not go out to church yesterday, as I have not yet got back to where I was before Easter, and the Anniversary services were rather much for me. I do not think there will be anything to see in the garden before Queen's Birthday. There has been so little growth so far. The stable men have made a fine clearance of all their rubbish and the new gate was put up, but not yet painted, and old gates repaired.

Had a letter from Cal. this morning, he had received our birthday letters just the night before his birthday so he kept them till the morning, seemed to be in good spirits. Letters seem to take a long time to reach him, about 10 days. Ruby's birthday letter reached her last Friday, same mail as yours, he was writing seated on an upturned pail in a stable. I do not know what you have done about sending the Presbyterians whether you have sent them or not, but I wish you could just post me the one about Toynbee Hall Settlement, think it was 23rd April or week before. If you have sent it to Cal never mind. Am going to inquire price of Presbyterian to be sent him for six months, the Globe for that time only coast a dollar. Let me know if you have sent the April numbers.

To-day is warm and sunny but so windy there is no comfort in going out. I wonder if you could not try and call on Miss Fisher, telephone Miss Munro, Sherbourne St. so as to be sure of address. The poor ladies of our W.F.M.S. had a miserable time of it those wet days last week. Lorna Culham was just in on her way up with Mrs. Marlatt's crocuses from the church to Miss Patton, who is at Dr. Kelly's here. The crown imperial lilies are extremely handsome this year, never saw them so fine before. That little rascal E. did not arrive this evening, suppose she's enjoying herself.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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