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W-MCP1-3a.012 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Apr 28 1904
To: Thomas McQuesten 41 Isabella St., Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest boy,

I have just been writing a letter of sympathy to poor Mrs. Smith (Miss Cawthorpe) whose little boy (the only child) of two years was burnt to death. His mother had left him, as she thought asleep on Saturday evening, after a little she heard a cry, she ran back he was in flames, had got the matches that were hanging at the chandelier. It was such a terrible thing. Right under this account in our "Times" was the burning of Gartshore home, so it was a sad paper. But there was one good item. Mrs. Fuller has got the position of Lady Superintendent at the Macdonald Institute, Guelph at a salary of $700 besides her living. I am very glad for poor Mrs. Fuller.

We had the Synod meeting in Central this week, Mr. Colin Fletcher was elected Moderator, I went over one evening to hear, it happened that Dr. Rose the Methodist and Mr. Unsworth, the Congregationalist were presenting to the Synod the subject of an Organic Church Union. Dr. Rose is a very able speaker, & Dr. Lyle read a resolution from the Synod, agreeing to the proposition & thanking the speaker, he was seconded by Dr. McMullen, another Irishman. Of course this was Colin's opportunity, to good to be lost, so in presenting the thanks he said it seemed a very fitting thing that this resolution, moved by two gentlemen representing the Shamrock should be presented by him as the Thistle to the Rose. Of course, this brought forth cheers from the house.

Dear Josy sent us three complimentary tickets for the Highlander's Concert in the Drill Shed, so Mary and H. took Mattie D. and went. States S.O.E. Band is the 91st Band now. On Sabbath we are to have Mr. Clark of London to preach our Anniversary sermons & Monday night, a Tea in the School-room. I wish you were through those wretched exams and home to enjoy it. It is too bad the way various things occur to take away your money. But I am sure you do the best you can and we shall manage someway.

We were to have got our year's supply of coal to-day, but it rained this morning and would you believe it the men will not work in the rain and it was light, so they did not come, and I had to visit my scrub woman and put her off. Everything is so backward, we have planted nothing in the garden yet.

I told you about my coming to Toronto next Tuesday, I do not know where I can see you, am to stay with a Mrs. McKay, 82 Madison Ave. But think I shall just take the 12:25 train from here and perhaps call at the MacKays before our meeting which begins at 2:30 in St. James Square Church. Your exams will be on then I suppose. If you can think of how or where to meet me let me know.

Have you heard if the Rhodes Scholarship is waiting for Dr. Parkin or what are they waiting for. I hope you have been able to get on well with your work. Cal. writes of much beautiful weather, the gophers running as thick as sparrows. He had been preaching for Mr. Jaffary in Macleod and enjoyed so much staying at the Manse.

To-day we are expecting both the Mrs. Fletchers and Mr. Colin [Fletcher] in for five o'clock Tea, and before that we have a Ladies' Aid meeting. Think perhaps I should drop a line to Mrs. Stevenson, about my coming, but saying I had asked for a billet for I knew she had no room for me.

It's wonderful how little sun and warmth we have had but I suppose the cool weather suits you. When we finished our 12th ton on Monday, I said we would get no more and the furnace must go. The grate fire keeps us comfortable in the sitting-room. I wrote Leila S. a note of sympathy re. fire and I said when I came down, I would call. But I do not feel like inviting myself there to lunch, which I would like to have done on Tuesday in order to save time, so I just decided to take 12:25 train as I do not relish Eaton's. Well dearie, I hope you are feeling well and cheerful. With much love.

Your loving mother

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