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W-MCP1-3a.013 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
May 13 1903
To: Thomas McQuesten 47 MacMillan St., Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

I was so glad to receive your cheerful letter on Saturday night. Glad to know your hardest subjects were over and you're in good health. Twice I wrote you, I have been kept in constant uncertainty as to my going to Clifton Springs. I suppose I told you in last letter Mrs. MacKay had written me to ask if I could go, well, Mr. MacKay was not very well and Mrs. M. postponed our going till Tuesday, then telegraphed Tuesday night, postponement till Wednesday, then Wednesday telegraphed indefinite postponement. Had a letter from her to-day, she was so disappointed but too unwell to start. So I do not know when we shall go as I cannot go this month now.

As to your coming, as Cal. is to come on the morning of 23rd to stay till the Monday night, could you not come home on Friday after your exams and go back the next Tuesday to settle your business. You see Monday would be a holiday and you could do no business, and coming by boat costs little. Mary was in Guelph nearly a week, returning on Monday. She enjoyed her visit thoroughly. Gracie Davidson was so kind and the whole connection is so nice.

Last night we had the Bible Society meeting in our church, the speaker for the evening was Rev. Dr. Potts, the Great [grin?] of the Methodists. He gave really a magnificent address on the Bible. He related an anecdote of Lord Tennyson, a gentleman was walking with the poet and asked him what he thought of Jesus Christ. Tennyson did not immediately reply and the gentleman thought he was going to answer, but they approached a rose-bush and the poet said "What the Sun is to the Rose, Jesus Christ is to my soul." Then he told us the Bible Society commenced in 1802 through a little girl in Wales, Mary Jones appealing to her pastor about getting Bibles for the Welsh. The thought sent him up to London to speak to others and the Rev. James Hughes said "If for Wales, why not for the Empire, why not for the world?" And from that the Bible Society was organized in 1804.

Lord and Lady Minto are to arrive here on Thursday. Amongst other things they are to attend a "Blossom Tea" at the Battle Ground at Stoney Creek by the Wentworth Historical, number of tickets limited to 150, but Emily Colquhoun, who is secretary invited Hilda to wait at the Tea and got a ticket for Mary, so we hope weather will be fine. It has felt like rain for days, but it keeps off.

Poor Ottawa! Ruby wrote that at one time the fire seemed to be coming towards them as wind was high and Mr. Puddicombe telephoned they had better have their valuables collected ready, but wind went down. It is such a pity of the poor people. Well, dearie, I hope you are feeling in good spirits. What a joy it will be to be free! If Mrs. Whittemore was not coming with Reggie from Waterdown next week to stay till Friday, I would come down that morning and come home with you. With much love.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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