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W-MCP1-3a.019 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN, ESQ. from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 31 1906 [Note date error in Microfilm Index which states 1907]
To: Thomas Baker McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St., Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest son,

Really it is most disappointing that you should have had such weather for your St. Mary's visit, after all the fine weather we have had. I thought of you very often and hoped you had taken your overcoat as Sabbath was cold, though it was quite fine and did not rain Monday till evening, or rather snowed as it did yesterday. I am just so sorry.

On Friday, I went out to 'Mineral Springs' near Ancaster, went by T.H.&B. And returned in the evening. Quite a pleasant day. Will not come to Toronto this week as I am expecting the dressmaker.

On Saturday afternoon went to Mrs. Sanford's to meet a Mrs. Birks of Australia, who is interested in Y.M.C.A. work. Quite a fine woman I should say. Was hearing a little of Central Church affairs, it seems the Lees family strongly opposed the removal and their Section claimed $20,000 of the insurance to put up a church in the East End. It does seem such a pity that we have not a more able man at St. John's, it really is in a very important situation and it seems a great pity, that such a man should have got possession.

Mrs. Locke and Mary Trigge were here yesterday. Mrs. L. is disposing of the balance of her furniture. Heurner M. [Mullin] is buying the Mahogany dining table and six chairs, the chairs have to be upholstered and he gave $6.00 each (entre nous) do not know price for table.

I am again wanting pen knibs, the last I have used and like very much were given to me by Mr. Rankine of Bk. of Montreal; but find on inquiry that they are very expensive $2.50 a box and Robertson only buys them for the bank. Of course he would get me a box but think it a little too much, so must try again.

Cahill's new partner is Mr. Soule, Miss Shaw's nephew; he had gone to Windsor but it did not agree with his health. What sort is he? Miss Craig was in the other day, I wish you could hear her description of her experiences on the Pacific Coast. I will tell you when I see you. Well dearie, I must close for the present. Am going down to address a meeting at Knox, it rained so hard by last Wednesday that no one could go out. Did you send Cal. the Westminster; it takes a 2ct. Stamp and after you put an envelope round it you need to tie a string around it, as papers get so rushed about going so far. With fondest love.

Your mother

M.B. McQuesten

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