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NOTE: There are two Postmarks on the envelope:
Hamilton Feb. 22, 6 P.M. and
Toronto Feb. 22, 11 P.M.
At that time there were several pick-ups and deliveries every day.

W-MCP1-3a.026 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN, ESQ, B.A. from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 22 1905
To: Thomas B. McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St., Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario

My dear dear boy,

On Monday morning I went down town and through all the shops, taking the moving stairs at Eaton's, it is very funny. Then I left by three o'clock train traveling all the way with Dr. & Mrs. Talling.

Last night we had a committee meeting; Mr. Chisholm and Mr. Leitch were much delighted with Mr. Pidgeon of Toronto Junction, seemed to think him the very one. Mr. Cook and Mr. McCoy were equally pleased with Mr. Falkin [Faskin?] but whether we can get either of these men, is the question. It would be well if you could hear these men. We know nothing of Mr. Pidgeon as a pastor but Prof. McLaren recommended him as much thought of. Old Mr. Cook has a nephew who attends the church but says the one thing against him is that he will have his own way in the various organizations and people do not always like that. Mr. McCoy liked everything about Mr. [Faskin?] and when he shook hands with you, you felt he was a [man?], such a fine smile came over his face. A plain looking man I should gather.

Col. Logie is getting on fairly well. Your name is in "The Times" as having passed with honours. I saw by the News that you have one young lady at Osgoode who is taking the course in order to assist her father who is a lawyer.

I came across the enclosed advertisements in a magazine at Mr. Mackay's but only saw them just before I left, perhaps you could inquire at these places re black coals, notice there is a place on each side of paper.1

Uncle called yesterday, but is a miserable jumpy human wanting another boarding place. If he could only be removed to a happier sphere.

There seems to be nothing to relate, it seems to be raining outside, but we are thankful it is mild. Have been writing letters most of the day, so must close and hope to have something more interesting next time. With much love, dearie.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 This letter also includes six clippings, which are likely the enclosures that Mary mentions: One of the advertisements is from the store belonging to the MacKays who are good friends of the McQuestens: The ads are taken from "The National Monthly Advertiser," Excerpts follow:

(1) The O'Keefe Mantel and Tile Co., 97 Yonge St., Toronto, with illustration of a large fireplace. "To please the most artistic tastes."

(2)The Vokes Hardware Co., 111 and 113 Yonge St. Toronto, Fireplace Furniture, Brass Sets and Fenders, Gas Logs, Grates, Mantels, Tiles, in endless variety, all designs, kinds and finishes to suit your wants.

(3) Rice Lewis & Son, Toronto, English Plated Table Goods, a full stock of Toast Racks, Cake Dishes, Table Vases, Entree Dishes, Tea Sets, Bread Boards, Dredgers, Etc. Write for Prices.

(4) Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation of London, England, Personal Liability, Health, Liability and Fidelity Insurance. Griffin & Woodland, Managers in Canada.

(5) R. MacKay & Co., 55,57,59,61,65 King St. East.
Ladies' Black Sateen Skirts...99 cts.
Drawers, Ladies' Flannelette Drawers made of extra quality flannelette, finished at knee with elastic, Tuesday clearing at 25 cts.
Corsets...75 cts.
Ladies Knitted corset Covers, with long sleeves... 25 cts.
New Striped Cretonne 19c Yard, noce soft pliable quality, suiting for box coverings, cushions, lambrequins, etc...19 cts. yd.

(6)A news clipping noting that Albert H. Robinson former Times Illustrator is the Prize Winner of the Year.
Albert H. Robinson, the former clever artist and illustrator of the Times, who went to Paris a year ago to continue his art studies, has achieved high distinction there. There are ten branches of the Julien Academy in Paris, whose pupils are entitled to compete for a prize for drawing. Only one prize is given each year, and hundreds compete for the honor, which is looked upon as one of the greatest that a young artist can win. This year Mr. Robinson is the winmner. A greater honor still is that his prize drawings are hung up in the art gallery of the academy, to remain there for all time with the prize drawings of former years.

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