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W-MCP1-3a.029 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN, ESQ., B.A. from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 9 1905
To: Thomas McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St., Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

It is so good of you always to remember me on the 7th and it is truly a great comfort to know that you have me in your mind and bear me in your heart with such sympathetic love1. But I feel fully rewarded for all my care and anxiety in the fine character of my children and I came home deeply grateful when I thought how well Cal. and you have done.

We certainly have to exercise a great deal of economy just now in order to manage for every thing and we could not manage at all if it were not for Ruby's help, but I feel that you and Cal. are just striving to make the very most of yourselves and you are worth all the struggle. God has helped us so wonderfully that we owe it all to Him, and since He has trusted us, we must make the very best return.

Our committee was most unanimous in deciding on Mr. Pidgeon (Tom Cook had been up to hear Mr. Eakins but still favoured Mr. P.). So Mr. Chisholm wrote Mr. P. and arranged for the deputation to go down to-morrow, Mr. Turner, Mr. McPhie, Mr. Wardrope & Mr. Chisholm. I do trust he may accept, as it was thought doubtful that he would give an immediate answer without a few days consideration, it was thought best not to lose next Sabbath to hear some one. So Tom Cook, Mr. C. & Mr. Leitch are to hear Mr. Pidgeon's brother at Markham and I am to hear Mr. Fasken in Toronto. Tom Cook was so anxious Mr. Fasken should be heard in preference to Mr. Eakins, as he had found out that if Mr. Fasken could see that he was specially needed for MacNab, he might come. We are offering Mr. P. $2000 with the manse, he has 1800 without a manse at the [Toronto] Junction, we found out through Dr. Warden who said we would get a fine man if we got him.

When the committee returns to-morrow Friday evening I am to hear, and there is just a chance I may not have to go down. If I come, will go to Mr. MacKay's, will take 3 o'clock afternoon train and hope to have time to do a little shopping. Do not trouble about me, you must be tired of going after me. Will post a card Friday night which should reach Grosvenor St. by Saturday noon.

I wrote to Ruby to send you the money and you are to give Cal. $15.00 as he needs some I found out. If I come & you wish, we can look for some shirts. Forgot to ask you if you went to those places about the coals for grate. Well dearie, good-bye.

Ever your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Isaac McQuesten died on March 7, 1888

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