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[Note at top of letter:] If you don't answer shall write again in a few days as I want to find out if letters go straight from here.

W-MCP1-3a.037 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his brother Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten
Dec 8 1863
To: Hamilton, C.W. [Canada West]
From: Coll. Phys. & Surgeons, New York City

My Dear Brother:

Yours came to hand a few days ago, and I was glad to hear from you. When you direct your next leave off the N.Y. as New York City is enough and it looks better than the whole as you have it.

I simply enquired for the Dr. as had not heard of him for a long time, but am greatly surprised to learn he still is in trouble and that there is prospects of its lasting sometime [sic]. The church should send Dr. Irvine home or to some genial clime where he can cool down and brighten up his nice Christian principles, for some better cause then quarrelling with church members. He and Colin Reed should join hands and have a general row with the Hamiltonians.

As to the $300 it is for a year from Sept. or Oct. as it was a year ago then that I last left home for Buffalo. I should want more if from the time he sent the amt. the year is to begin. I am not going to pay postage on this, and I want you to note the mail by which this letter and the paper I sent Father arrive, so that I can know some thing [sic] about the time it takes letters to go & come. State in yours the time the mail leaves Hamilton by which you send yours.

As I was going to the N.Y. Hospital the other day saw L.R. Cosby does he stay in H.[Hamilton] or has he left for another abode? Had I received your letter would have stopped him and enquired so as could have sent your catridges [sic], will do so the first opportunity I find. If Father will send me a $10.00 bill will take the Times read it and send it to him, so that two can have the benefit of it.

When I have to start two hours and a half to three hours ahead of time to heard [sic] a man preach you let me know it. H.W.B.--church is generally crowded full an hour before services commence. A friend of mine went before he left for Europe and said although an hour before time he could not do more than get a seat on the steps outside the church. I had a good deal rather hear Dr. Spring or Thomson than [Beecher?] any day.

You seem to be quite extensively engaged the target business when you get through with your rifle just send it on to me, and I will try my hand at the business. My dear boy you can find splendid rifles in this part of the world. Our sharp shooters can show you a how to pick a man from 1200 to 1500 yards six out of eight shots. English guns are "playing out," they are not considered worth their transportation. The globe sighted rifles made at Springfield are superior to any guns, but you could not buy one for love or money now days. I have a friend, nephew of Secretary Welles, in the Brooklyn Navy yard who is well posted and will enquire of him, when we meet a gain, on the subject and let you know.

Christmas is coming and you will have a gay time, can't you send me a Christmas present, to cheer the lonely hours. I should like to go to Washington for a week as we have no lectures from Christmas to New Years.

Write me all the news and give love to all and believe me,

Truly Your Brother


Isaac B. McQuesten

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