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W-MCP1-3a.039 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
May 31 1908
To: Thomas Baker McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St., Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern,' Hamilton, Ontario

My dearest Tom,

When I received your note this morning, my conscience reproached me that we had not sent you some lilies before, as they were almost gone. The girls think we got rather mixed having given you a box on Tuesday morning, we forgot you might like some more. Those very hot days hurried them out and we had not nearly so many as usual, so it was very fortunate you wrote for them, though they were not so nice, we had left them in front as they are always a little later, and if they had been picked yesterday would have been lovely, but last night's rain spoiled the lower flowers on each stem, the girls picked these off, but then the stems were shortened. For all these reasons we started them off by noon mail, special delivery, as by Monday there would have been none and you would have been in Orangeville.

I really do not think there is anything new in the garden except the lilacs, which will last a week, but I feel sorry to think you were prevented coming home and yet I cannot feel that it is right to dishonour God's Day knowing what we do, it could not be said we sinned ignorantly. But it seems a pity you could not have put off Orangeville till Tuesday.

I am feeling quite happy for the McPhie Acct. came in to-day and I cleared off small accounts to the amount of $90., before the month ended or the Sabbath came.

The keeping quiet certainly is the thing for me, as I find my heart much quieter and feel better.1

I was pitying you those hot days, it looks as if we should have another wet month, as yesterday was the new moon. I sent Edna up to see when Miss Fisher would come down, but she was engaged until Sabbath afternoon, she is then to give us her telephone number. Miss M. Fisher has another place.

On Thursday morning Mrs. Thomson called and took me out driving down to the greenhouses on Wentworth N. It was one of the days of Medical Association and we met Harry Hutchison driving up. Saw Velyien H.'s [Henderson] name and others, but we had no callers. I enjoyed the drive, as it was in an open Victoria, but coming home at noon, it was extremely warm.

Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. Colin [Fletcher] called on Thursday. Mr. Colin [Fletcher] is a good deal better and able to take nourishment now. Dr. & Mrs. Fletcher started off this morning going as far as Chicago. Mrs. Mullin has gone up to St. George for a week.

In one of Cal's letters he said the Presbyterian is sent from the office to him, so you will not be troubled.


Miss Fisher has just been here, she expects to return to Toronto on Wednesday, her address is 695 Spadina Ave., Phone 2634 College, the lady of the house is a Mrs. Gould. Miss F. would like to see you very much. It has been a very changeable day, raining sometimes and too cool to sit out. The lilacs are beautiful, hope weather keeps cool, so they will last till you come up. The Tartarian honeysuckle too is lovely. Hope you can come by early train Saturday. With much love dearie.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Mary had been suffering from "nervous heart," "heart palpitations" and "blind turns" for several months. See W6053, W6135.

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