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W-MCP1-3a.040 TO HILDA MCQUESTEN from her mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 10 1913
To: Hilda McQuesten [Somewhere in Europe]
From: Whitehern, Hamilton

My dearest Hilda,

I appreciated much your dear kind letter & all the letters this morning. Tom gave me a small pair of nail scissors with a box of Chocolates almost too luscious for me, these [?]. I did not investigate your drawer, would rather wait. Well, I had a man and Mrs. Daly clean the windows. M. got up the bed-room Curtains and we got things into fairly good shape.

Mrs. Wilson wrote she would not come till Tuesday Afternoon and I invited Elsie B. [Buchanan] and Mr. Fletcher to 6 o'clock tea. We had a splendid Thank-offering of $71.50. Mrs. Ketchen herself made May a life-member and made a beautiful prayer. We had quite a good meeting but not of our people, whatever is the matter with them? Then Mrs. Wilson went to the Mission Band. I wish you could have been here, she is such a dear little woman. So young in her ways and bright and chats away all the time in the most interesting way. Tom liked her so much.

Well on Wednesday, we had a chicken for dinner and then we took the 1:20 Ancaster Car for station just past and were met by a Mr. Morton with double Covered Carriage and then Mrs. M. enjoyed the Country drive of 4 miles so much. We had a sit down tea of sandwiches and had cake and were then driven 7 miles to Ancaster and took car home. Then Thursday, we went down shopping in the morning and took the 2:10 car to Grimsby. We had a good meeting in the church. Mrs. Currie the new minister's wife sang so nicely and gave us a lovely tea in the Manse afternoon. We got home in good time, but poor Mrs. Wilson was too tired to sleep, and I was afraid she would be too tired for Ancaster to-day, but she would not give up. So I took her for another drive this morning through Dundurn where she was especially pleased to see the buffaloes. We found the pickles, but Mary is doing some more and getting Connie T. to get a recipe from a lady for the [pastries?] where she thought them very nice. Will send a $5.00 fee, I offered more in house. With fondest love.

Your Mother

[M.B. McQuesten]

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